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Mandy Kloppers

Where’s my magic wand?


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Where’s my magic wand?

Working as a counsellor can be tough. You are constantly reminded of the negatives in life because you are often listening to how people are struggling through and the challenges they face. It often makes me wish I had a magic wand and that I could just fix everything! Of course, I can’t and so I have to settle for teaching clients the necessary skills to be less stressed and to deal with their unhelpful thoughts and behaviours instead.

I’ve learned that we all have our issues to deal with and no one escapes from life’s challenges. How you navigate them depends on how you perceive what is happening to you. Do you believe that it’s the end of the world and that life is over as you know it or do you tell yourself that somehow, some way you will find a way around things. You may be down but you’re not out…

The next best thing to a magic wand is a big dollop of self belief. Believe that you can overcome adversity and you are more likely to succeed than if you see yourself as a weak failure.

Sometimes, when we don’t believe in ourselves enough, we seek reassurance and we second guess our decisions – this all leads to a lack of confidence. Be self reliant at times and believe in your own ability to find a  way through. Sometimes quietude brings formidable strength.

Believe that you have your own magic wand that you can bring out when you need to. That you can work your spells and your magic to turn a bad situation into something better, or at least into something more bearable…

I have seen how many clients lack this self belief but it is amazing how many of them have this amazing inner wisdom that they just don’t use often enough. The less they use it the less they trust themselves and then well meaning friends and relatives (who often only know parts of the story) begin to give well meaning advice which often sends clients off in the wrong direction.

Only you know yourself and often you are the best one to assess the situation – trust yourself more and keep that magic wand handy for the serious troubles. You really have more capability than you give yourself credit for…

Mandy X