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Mandy Kloppers

When you feel downtrodden

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When you feel downtrodden

Ohhh …what to do when you’re having a bad day. Ever feel downtrodden? I know I certainly do. I usually feel this way when I think about the injustice in the world or I feel I have been unfairly treated by others. Some days, it just seems as if everything goes wrong. A  “I should have stayed in bed” kind-of day. It’s definitely okay to feel sorry for yourself for a little while but put a time limit on it. Wallowing or dwelling on problems isn’t helpful in the long run.

I am having one of those days today in fact. My health has been harrassing me and causing me more problems and I found out today that I failed my final university assignment despite putting in a lot of effort. I was very happy at the thought of finally being done with that place as it hadn’t done anything to inspire or motivate me. If anything, it’s been a constant challenge to not let the university course completely destroy my confidence in my abilities!

So, I have choices. I can either resist what ‘is’ and stress myself out even further or I can choose to find a positive way to move forward. I am doing my best to move forward and galvanising myself with thoughts of redoing the assignment as a way to rid me of the awful institution I had to visit weekly for the past two years.

What can you do when you feel downtrodden?

Problem solve

Find positive solutions to the problem. Be active in looking for a resolution and make a point of looking for the lesson in the experience. There usually is one. Live and learn – it’s a good motto to live by.


Accept that some days will feel less happier than others. That is just the rhythm of life – ups and downs are part and parcel of this crazy thing called “life”. Use this in your favour – some days will be MUCH better! This too shall pass.

Keep perspective

It may feel awful right now but in time, you will feel far less intense emotions. That time will come..don’t overreact…don’t catastrophize. Take deep breaths and know that you are experiencing this event for a reason. Whilst this might not necessarily be true, I like the philosophical angle – works for me!

Acknowledge the ‘rawness’ of life

Failure and rejection are a part of life. I guess I can congratulate myself that I am living life and trying. I am in the ‘mud bath’ getting dirty, so to speak. If I was staying in my comfort zone and staying safe I wouldn’t experience direct overt failure and rejection. I like the fact that I am trying and getting out there, even if I am not always successful. Trying is better than no attempts at all.

Keep a sense of humour

Never take life too seriously. Try to see the funny side and this will ease your stress immediately. Very little is that dire or that awful.

Above all, don’t get beaten down!

Life is tough and we all suffer from set backs. Above all, don’t let the pessimists and the miserable people of the world get the better of you. No one should be allowed to have that power over you unless you allow it. Never allow the negativity of the world to dampen your spirit. Keep on trying and keep on smiling.

Mandy X