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What’s the truth?


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What’s the truth?

It’s a very good thing that many ‘truths’ exist. What do you believe to be true about you…about the world? These beliefs will have been formed over your life time – some may be accurate and some not. But according to what and to whom? Who decides what the truth actually is?

There are so many things that we do not understand and don’t even know about – consider the vast Universe and how little we know about the truth that exists out there. What I am getting at is that your ‘truth’ can be challenged – especially if your beliefs and the things you believe to be true stifle and limit you in some way.

What do you want to believe about you? There are some boundaries of course – you may want to believe that you are Shymalgyan from Planet ZigZag but that could end up causing you more trouble than it’s worth. No, what I am getting at is that you can choose your truth, what you want to believe about you and your life is far more accessible than you realise.

Why not see yourself as competent and amazing? Who is the expert in this who can scientifically prove otherwise? Believe that you are successful and you are more likely to find and be ready for opportunities that can lead to success. When you have faith in the thought and hold it inside, it edges you closer to that becoming a reality. As they say “you have to be on the pitch to score a goal” and if you don’t believe something then you aren’t giving yourself the best chance of it becoming true for you.

I know a thought can seem transient and temporary but the more you focus on these thoughts and repeat them, the more real they become. “Act as if” or “fake it to make it” are common sayings relevant to this type of strategy. When you feel down and self critical, ask yourself where the big fat Rule Book of Life is that states these ideas you hold are true. There isn’t one – have a rethink and replace those negative thoughts with ones that help you feel brighter about yourself. You can ask yourself why you should ignore the negative thoughts (you may be preprogrammed to think negatively about yourself) but you can just as easily ask yourself why you should ignore positive empowering thoughts too.

I have managed to transform my thinking to a much healthier platform even if it felt a little stilted at the beginning. I still have bad days but my quality of life is better and the tough times don’t throw me as much as they used to. I am also a lot less emotionally volatile than I used to be when I was younger! I am living proof that choosing what you want to believe is a brilliant strategy than can open doors and change your attitude.

Mandy X


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