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Mandy Kloppers

What wearing designer clothes says about you

Psychologists read into everything… yes unfortunately I can’t turn it off. I am constantly analysing people’s behaviour hoping to spot trends and patterns. Designer clothes are no exception.

I got to know a lot about my clients when I first met them just by looking at where they parked for the first appointment. I predicted what kind of person they would be by whether they parked on the street, to the side of my driveway or right in front of the door. I was always accurate. The clients that parked right in front of my main front door (they were in the minority) were the really assertive clients. The ones that parked to the side in my driveway made up the majority of clients – the ‘middle grounders’ and the meekest clients parked on the road completely off my property. Parking Psychology!

When it comes to designer clothes and fashion, many people see it as a status sympbol. If they can afford to pay the hefty prices for designer fashion brands it shows others that they are successful. But there is another side to this that is completely overlooked by the average person.

In general, people who wear designer clothes actually have an inferiority complex. They don’t feel good enough and the designer clothes are a strategy to show others that they are good enough. When they wear a label it gives off the impression of wealth and importance.

The truth is, people who genuinely like themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin couldn’t care less whether they wear designer or not. The clothes don’t add any value to them because they feel valuable enough to begin with.

Of course, there are those that say they buy designer good because the quality is superior. The designer goods that I have had in the past have often ended up breaking at the seams or losing their colour. We all buy into the myth that wearing desginer clothes makes you better somehow. What a load of nonsense.

You are effectively encouraging the “I’m not good enough” message when you wear designer clothing because you are unconsciously telling yourself that you are worth less without the clothing. It’s as if you need the clothing to feel worthy.

Don’t buy into it. We all buy desginer brands for the name but you are paying hefty prices just for the label. It’s a modernd day conspiracy. Don’t be a sheep.

I dare you to go out in cheaper (but attractive)clothing and tell yourself that you are enough and you are valuable naked! What you wear should have no bearing on your self worth. Think about it…

Mandy X



Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash