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Mandy Kloppers

What To Do When You Find Out You’re Expecting

So you or your partner has fallen pregnant? Congratulations! An exciting, challenging, and wonderful chapter of your life has begun and trust us when we say, your life will never be the same again! If this is your first child, you might be wondering what you’re supposed to be doing for the next nine months to prepare for your bundle of joy, and nobody ever has a straight answer for you! Luckily, we’ve compiled a quick guide on what you should be doing when you find out that you’re expecting, so take a look!


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Book all of the necessary appointments

One thing that you’ll find with pregnancy, is that you’re summoned to appointment after appointment to ensure that your baby is growing properly – which is wonderful! The only problem that you may face is getting time off work. While the Mum’s employer can’t refuse these appointments, Fathers often struggle and end up missing out on these events. Booking all of the appointments so that you can book them off work will prevent any partners from missing out on those special moments. If you’re unable to book scans, it might be an idea to book a private scan so that both parents can see their child!

Stock up!

Babies are small, but they need one hell of a lot of things to ensure that they are happy, healthy, comfortable, dry, and well fed. Use these months leading up to the birth of your baby to stock up on things like nappies, wipes, cotton wool, bath products, creams, calpol (seriously, calpol!), gripe water, and tools such as nail clippers. You can never have too many of these things!


You should also begin to look at cribs, car seats and pushchairs because before you know it, baby will be on it’s way!


If you’ve never had to look after a baby, or you’re generally worried about not being maternal enough to be a parent, then use these months to get some practise in! Babysit for friends and family but remember that all babies and children are different, so if you’re left with a particularly difficult baby or child, it doesn’t mean that’s how you’ll end up!

Get as much sleep as possible!

Finally, we all know that babies cry and keep their parents up all night when they are first born, so use this time to get in as much sleep as possible! Not only that, but you will notice that you and your partner might not have any quality time together, so use these final months to go out for meals, go to the cinema, and spend time with friends while you still can!

Once again, congratulations on finding out you’re expecting – you can do this!

Mandy X