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What Not To Do When You Find An Online Dating Site Where You Can Be Naughty

The new norm in dating is to find a match via an app or an online site. It doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment or even a casual dating partner. There are platforms available strictly for people who want to hook-up and have a good time. Given all of these different scenarios, there has to be an initial encounter, an originating message; someone has to make the first move.


If you see a pretty smile or perhaps a handsome face, your confidence may prod you to make this statement to that person boldly. The way that you relay that comment will impact how or if that person will respond to you. Your words hold power to make or break a potential intimate connection if you mess up in any way. And many have made so many simple yet damning mistakes when it comes to attempting to reel in someone.


Things To Avoid When Trying To Make A First Impression


Even if the intention is to meet up for a sexual encounter via an app (check out BeNaughty Review) never to see the other again, there is still a protocol that you need to follow when initiating contact. You’ll ‘never get a second chance to make a first impression,’ so they say. And this is applicable and necessary in a hook-up situation as well. So, what are the things that leave a bad taste in a potential connection’s mouth? Let’s look.


  • You are letting another person know that you have no comprehension of grammar. Everyone makes mistakes. Our phones have a mind of their own, and typos are inevitable, particularly when texts are flying back and forth. But if you are so obviously lazy and make no effort with spelling and grammar in your messages, this can say a lot about who you are as a person. Grammar may not be a particular strength of yours, meaning that you may need to use tools for assistance. It can mean the difference between whether someone decides to respond to your message or move on to someone who appears to be tidier.


  • The dating site/app is a dog-eat-dog world, and there is no time to slack if you find a person that strikes a chord with you. Someone else is only ten seconds behind you and not hesitant to pull the trigger. When you delay, that person is all over it, and you missed out. The same is true if someone messages you. There is no fashionable period to wait before you answer. Respond when you get a message. Be respectful. If you catch the person in time, they may have your profile still front and center in their memory and want to chat.


  • In the same kind of sense, you do genuinely want to hold off on sending messages of any sort to anyone if your schedule is full. You run the risk of finding a match with the desire to meet, but you will have no time due to your unavailability. When there’s a keen interest, make sure you’re free to actually meet up with the person if it were to get to that point.








  • It has been noted on dating sites, that men have a tendency to send the same copy and pasted generic comments to various different people causing them to lose appeal with all of them. It’s not hard to notice when a message is pretty basic and not customized to suit any specific situation between the two people or their profiles. Follow for ideas on conversation starters on a dating site.


  • Saying ‘hey’ or ‘hi’ or any other type of greeting without any substance included is not going to warrant a response from many people. It’s a lazy attempt to drag a conversation starter out of the other person taking the responsibility out of your court. The first message should be substantial to let the person know that you have taken the opportunity to read the profile, ask questions that they can come back with more conversation, and share information about yourself that may be in tune with them.


  • Yes, this is not going to probably turn into a relationship or, most likely, even casual dating. But there is still the need for dignity. Communication that shows respect is the key when you’re first texting and meeting a new person. Political, racial, or sexual statements could come off as offensive with someone that you don’t know. And lousy language can mirror horrible grammar when it comes to alienating a prospective connection. This person is attempting to try to learn who you are, what type of character you have. These things are essential regardless of the label that you give to the relationship. If you don’t show respect via texts, how will you be in person? Read here for conversations to have when you meet up.


Initiating contact with a new person is tough. You don’t want to get lazy just because you know the connection is going to be short and have no romantic meaning to you. Showing respect is universal even when we engage in naughty situations. It’s especially crucial in our sexually charged encounters. These are when we’re at our most vulnerable. You should expect the utmost trust and respect and give the same in kind.

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