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What matters most


What matters most

I care less about what others think of me these days. I used to care a lot, and yes…I still do but I have a greater perspective on things now. You can’t take anything with you – this life here on earth is temporary. What you do today, however stupid or humiliating, no matter how many people see it, won’t be talked about in 5 years from now, probably not even 6 months from now. So why do we get ourselves in such a spin?

It doesn’t really matter what house we live in or the car we drive – these are man made rules that don’t exist anywhere else. Do you think the universe cares whether you are a millionaire or  a bus boy? The money we earn, the way we look, the job we do – we obsess over these things and none of it really matters at the end of the day. It only matters if it matters to you. Be proud of what you do, even if you wash dishes – we all have an important role to play… value it even if society doesn’t. Society is in the wrong and ignorant.

Don’t become part of the walking dead in an attempt to fit in. People follow the path they think they should rather than the one they want to and end up miserable and empty. They are the ones who tell me that they have ‘everything’ and should be happy but feel empty and unfulfilled. Why? Because they are chasing the wrong things.

Find something that makes you feel alive, something that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning.  Find people on your wave length, people who inspire you.

That’s the ticket. Someone somewhere will always be pissed off or offended. You can’t please everyone so get busy learning to please yourself. Those on your wave length will understand you and that is what matters most.

Are you are in a phase of life where you feel trapped and unhappy? Where you just want to hide from the world and you feel you have lost faith in yourself and the world? If this sounds like you, I implore you to break the pattern. Do something different.

Maybe you need to reinvent yourself and try something completely different. Don’t let the fears get in the way – go find out more. Put the self limiting beliefs aside.

Ask uncomfortable questions and dive out of your comfort zone. Take risks. It could be time to change and be true to yourself. That’s what matters most.

Mandy X




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