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What is happiness?

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What is happiness?

Is happiness a state of mind or is it solely determined by external circumstances? One thing I do know is that happiness is something you feel within you, it isn’t something that you can search for – that implies that it is something outside of yourself. It is a state of healthy psychological functioning. Serenity and calm already exists within you. If you don’t understand yourself though, you will find it harder to be happy. Happiness is now – in the presnt moment. It is the only time it can exist and it often presents itself as a fleeting feeling of bliss. It occurs when you allow your mind to rest, when you take your attention away from worries and negativity.

Only in a calm mental state can we find new solutions to old problems. Happiness allows a ‘freshness’ to prevail, it allows creativity to flourish. Happiness comes from knowing what thoughts to focus on and which ones to dismiss. Inner peace can be achieved by learning to distance ourselves from our paranoid, worried thinking.

What story do you want to tell yourself? One that is filled with hope and possibility, or one that focuses on how awful and hopeless life may seem? You can focus on either but it’s clear which one will affect your mood in a more positive manner.

Happiness does not need to have conditions attached. Many people believe they do not truly deserve happiness and they go about sabotaging any chances of cheerfulness. A woman who believes she will only be happy when she is married will be more likely to attach new conditions to her happiness once she marries. Choose to be happy in the moment, as much as possible.

Happiness is a feeling that you can learn to grow and maintain within yourself. Happiness is a feeling, a process – not an outcome.

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