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What is “Gorgeous”?


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What is “Gorgeous”?

Get this: You are as attractive as you think you are. You can feel equal to anyone else, enjoy your own character/magnetism and special brand of gorgeousness so that you attract only confirmation of this from the world around you. Other people generally accept your estimation of yourself.

You can choose to see yourself as attractive, confident, fun and radiant. Some people are naturally gorgeous – their genes determine this. So, being realistic, we need to accept what we can’t change but also make the most of what we can. Make the most of yourself, choose to see the good bits as all important and the less good bits as insignificant. You can believe that you are gorgeous. Others follow your lead – if you treat yourself well and expect the best, others will simply follow your lead. It is up to us to decide how we see ourselves.

Watch negative thinking about yourself. Convince yourself that there is lots to love about yourself. Write a list of all the things you like about yourself. Keep focusing on your strengths. Self love is not arrogance – you do not need to believe you are better than others, just that you are as worthy as everyone else and that you like/love yourself.

The reality that you experience in life is the sum of your thoughts and beliefs. Your subconscious doesn’t argue with your conscious mind and it’s orders/thoughts – it accepts and acts accordingly. In this way your thoughts become self fulfilling and manifest in your life.


See yourself as a gorgeous. Be a gorgeous person. Follow up your positive thoughts with relevant actions to reinforce your thinking. Work on yourself inside and out. Be selfish at times and take time out to pamper yourself. Women especially are conditioned to put others’ needs ahead of their own – this can be devastating to our self esteem and stops us being assertive. Your time is as important as everyone else’s.

Confidence counts too.Showing confidence has a huge impact on how you come across to others.Practice quiet containment and self reliance to help improve your confidence. Observe more, listen more. Constant craving – whether to be liked, accepted or approved of will eat away at your centre and your personal power. Make your own decisions, don’t always check with others first – get comfortable with your own ideas and perceptions. Others don’t always know better than you.

Social Experiment – Try this:

Pretend that you are the most gorgeous being who attracts men/women wherever you go. Do this and I PROMISE you will notice a difference.

Mandy X


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