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What Happens When You Have Clairsentient Abilities

You might have come across the term clairsentience while reading Dr. Anodea Judith’s classic book Wheels of Light on the chakra system and one’s ability to sense and self-heal. According to the book, “clairsentience is the ability to sense other people’s emotions.” If that’s not enough for you to understand, you’re here at the right place, making it simple for you and more detailed.


So, What Is Meant by Clairsentient?


The word clairsentient is taken from the French term for ‘clear feeling,’ which is a pretty rough translation. Clairsentience is the ability to sense other people’s past, present, or future via your feelings and emotions without taking any help from the five senses.


This feeling is connected with the solar plexus, which is located at the top of your stomach. This feeling can happen when you’re about to decide on a new job, a financial deal, or a yes or no answer is needed. This is a signal from the universe, and you’ll feel this guidance in your stomach area.


Someone’s clairsentient abilities cannot be identified just through a single signal; there’s nothing like that. However, a sudden change in energy is the most obvious thing that can trigger you. This energy can come from events n in the future, another person, spirit, or an object. In short, a person with clairsentience ability has the sensitivity to energies that they can interpret into feelings in their body or predictions.


People more often confuse clairsentience with empathy, which is not accurate.


Difference Between Clairsentient and Empath


It can be said that all clairsentient persons are empaths, but not every empath is clairsentient. An empath can feel some energies from another person, animals, and object. While clairsentient people can also sense energies, they can access a larger array of emotions and energies than empaths.


People with clairsentient ability can gather way more in-depth knowledge about feelings, not just only feel the energies and emotions of other people. For empaths, the person from which energy is going to be transferred needs to stay nearby. Clairsentient people don’t have that boundary limitation for detecting the energies and feelings of others.

You see Phoebe’s feeling from the last episode of the famous TV series Friends that Rachel’s France going airplane has no right phalange is actually possible if she were clairsentient. Fun fact!


You may also have clairsentient abilities if you too experience a similar phenomenon. To discuss that, you can contact Mandy X. If you cannot meet an expert personally, you can have online counseling too via skype or zoom.


Which Signs Indicate of Being A Clairsentient


Identification of being clairsentient can be made based on several signs considering his/her reactions to different events, situations, places, and that person’s emotional feeling towards another person. This list of the signs may help you in the course of identifying whether someone is clairsentient or not:


  1. You were mentioned as over-sensitive at your younger age.
  2. Even if you were not being told, you are a person who can know things.
  3. Your high level of perception ability enables you to read between the lines easily. This tendency is an indication too!
  4. Clairsentient people, in most cases, are gentle, soft-spoken, and calm.
  5. By observing the undercurrents of emotions in people you see, you’re capable of cracking their intuit information.
  6. Sufferings of people make you feel their pain internally. and you show empathy towards them.
  7. You can create strong emotional connections with certain people.
  8. You feel uncomfortable and nauseous when you meet people carrying dark energy or even places.
  9. A clairsentient person tries to avoid the spotlight and tends to be shyer.


If these signs define you, then there is a hundred percent possibility that you are clairsentient.


What To Do With  Clairsentient Abilities


Clairsentient people enjoy some advantages over a normal person. In many cases, this instinct makes that person good at decision making. You should be grateful as your skill is being improved, and here are some more of these specialization skills:


A teacher who can sense what a child or student is going through in his/her life without being provided any information. This is how that teacher can understand and analyze the child’s performance in school work, and then he/she can counsel the student according to the fit of the student’s mental and emotional growth.


A parent who can handle the necessities of his/her child at per. As babies cannot express their own emotions and feelings yet, it is very advantageous for the parent to easily read the baby’s mind. So, that parent can understand whether the baby is feeling good or not through his/her instinct.


A political character may be a political advisor or a counselor, who has a clairsentient ability to understand when to remain silent and finds the right time to share his thoughts to his audience. Thus, he can move without political issues or tags, which he has avoided by not talking as he felt some problems might happen.


Spiritual healers possess this ability to sense bad energies via their hand in a person’s energy field.


A gut feeling felt by a driver that a sudden accident can be caused by another vehicle around, so he drives accordingly to save himself and his passengers.


From the opposite perspective, clairsentient can make someone feel carrying a burden of all the emotions of other people in him, which is, of course, can be a pretty bad feeling. Some clairsentient get addicted to alcohol or drug dependence because of this to decrease the heavy feeling which they have.


But it is a gift despite how a clairsentient person feels about this, and when you realize that it can be dealt with positively, you’ll have a better feeling about it.

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