Mandy Kloppers

What are you waiting for?


When you wait nothing seems to happen. Don’t kid yourself and hope for something to fall in your lap…go out and get it. Stop procrastinating and get on with it. Just do it.

Seize the moment and start the ball rolling. No matter how small. Every action that promotes future engagement and activity is worthwhile. It gives you a psychological boost and feeds your motivation. But you have to start somewhere. Get off your butt, make a to-do list and start the process. If not now…when? What silly excuses are you giving yourself to delay? Are they really valid and do they help you to feel better about yourself and your life..I think not.

So – even if it doesn’t work out or the effort you put in leads to nothing, you can still have the satisfaction that you did something. Hopefully you will learn from what you did as well – good or bad.

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Get that costume on, stick on the make up and hair and get out there. face the music, be brave and have fun. Stop taking yourself so seriously….see life as fun. It can be adventure if you let it.


Mandy X

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