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Ways to travel for free


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Ways to travel for free

I found this article on Stumble Upon and wanted to share. I love travelling – certainly appeals to me!!  Mandy X

Travel for free or next to nothing? Who’s kidding whom? Is that even possible?
We assure you, it’s very much possible. People do it all the time.
You just have to know how. Check out these 18 ways to travel for free or nothing and then tell us what you think.

Join Volunteer Programs
There are many volunteer organizations that’ll allow you to travel to the country of your choice and pay you for it, besides. Some of them will ask for fee to cover costs, but most are for-profit businesses.
1. Go Wwoofing – The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, offers free lodging and food in exchange for work on a farm. This group has affiliations in 53 countries.
2. Join The Peace Corps – The Peace Corps offers two year travel opportunities to various regions such as Asia, South America and Asia. You can also earn a modest stipend. Anyone can apply, notwithstanding their age.
3. Join The Volunteers For Prosperity – The Volunteers for Prosperity (VfP) offers very short or very long assignments. If you are looking for a short volunteer-travel opportunity, this might be it.
4. Join The United Nations Volunteer Program – As a UN volunteer, you can visit literally any region on the planet, with all travel expenses paid, plus benefit from stipends and grants. The UN usually takes people who are experienced in specific fields.
5. Volunteer As A Fundraiser – If you can commit a significant amount of time, join volunteer organizations as a fundraiser. You will get paid for room and board along with flight expenses. Try local organizations such as the Lions club, Rotary club and Optimist club as well as schools and community organizations. Register At Cultural Exchange Groups. Take advantage of the many cultural exchange groups that are available for travel networking.
6. Couch Surf – Locate couch surfers at your destination and enjoy staying for free at their homes on You’ll find the best couch surfers on this site, with safety assured for both host and traveler.
7. Become A Global Freeloader – Another option is to register for free as a Global Freeloader This program is similar to Couch Surfers, but Global Freeloaders have to host guests within 6 months of registering.
8. Join The Servas Group Servas ( is a cultural exchange group that’s UN approved and almost 50 years old. It’s a fantastic, proven network of people and places. Members are rigorously interviewed before they’re approved for membership.
9. Join The Hospitality Club – Join the Hospitality Club (, another cultural exchange program that is entirely internet-based. Members are thoroughly investigated including passport checks, online feedback and bank balance check.

Explore Other Cheap Travel Options
10. Become A Group Tour Organizer – If you can strategize trip itineraries for travel groups, you might be able to work as a travel group leader. It’ll be your job to plan every step of the travel, including visas and stay arrangements. For more information, see and
11. Become A House Sitter – Advertise your house-sitting services on the following sites: and also on social networking sites. Can you say no to free accommodation in return for watering the plants and feeding the cat?
12. Join A Boat Crew – If you can contribute your skills on a cruise or yacht as a handyman, steward, cooking staff, entertainer or event manager, you might be able to join a boat crew. Check out yacht or cruise crew opportunities online at or
13. Transport Vehicles – Check with relocation or rental companies if you can drive people’s cars to their new homes. The car owner will pay for the fuel costs and if you can manage accommodation and food, it’s cheap travel.
14. Obtain A Travel Scholarship – Look up the UNESCO Study Abroad Guide at… for learning opportunities abroad and check out international travel scholarships.
15. Hop Along For The Ride – If someone is traveling the same direction as you, ask if you can join them. You can offset fuel costs with cheap stay options. Check out,,, and
16. Barter Labor For Free Stay – If you’re not unwilling to work for your supper, barter labor for stay at hostels. You can apply for hostel jobs before your travel on sites like, and so on.
17. Do Short Term Gigs – Look for short term gigs abroad. You can work as an English tutor, or as an au pair, as a fruit picker at wine farms and so on. Check out the following sites:,,,,
18. Become A Home Swapper – If you own a house or apartment in any city, advertise it, or You’ll find someone with a house at the place you want to visit. You two can coordinate and swap residences for the trip duration.

EXTRA: Do not forget a good travel insurance before you go
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