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Ways to improve your emotional health


emotional health


Ways To Improve Your Emotional Health

Mental health refers to the overall condition of one’s mind and behaviour. Emotional health is a subset of mental health. Primarily, a person with good emotional health thinks positively of himself, is able to sustain meaningful relationships, can deal with his problems and manage his feelings. The following are ten ways to improve your emotional health.

1. STAYING POSITIVE: This is absolutely fundamental. A person’s emotional health is most vulnerable when difficulties or setbacks provoke negative feelings inside him. It is normal – this has nothing to do with a natural optimism or pessimism – but one’s mental strength depends on how quickly he can rid himself of such feelings and feel positive again.

It is important to feel good about yourself despite whatever others may say because once you start to doubt yourself and your abilities, your confidence takes heavy damage, which is very difficult to recover from.

2. EXPRESS YOURSELF APPROPRIATELY: Building up feelings inside can only cause bitterness. One becomes prone to angry outbursts which make him feel worse afterwards. We need to share our feelings with the people close to us and this need should not be neglected. It is imperative for an open and peaceful state of mind. But this does not mean that we burst with rage every time something upsets us. Which is why the expression of our feelings must have a sense of time, place and control.

3. LEARN FROM MISTAKES: It is easier to bemoan mistakes than to learn from them. When we moan and groan about our errors, not only do we bring ourselves down but also our loved ones. Everyone makes mistakes but only a fool doesn’t learn from them. Thus it is important that we try to rectify ourselves and not brood over them.

4. EMPATHY: We cannot afford live in society and pretend that we do not care about anyone. It instigates negative feelings which could go to the extent of violence. Empathy is therefore, a powerful instrument of mental peace and harmony. When you can see an issue through the eyes of another person it helps you to make better decisions and act in a way that impacts everyone, or at least the majority, positively. This gain of perspective rules out narrow-mindedness and fanaticism which is the root cause of so many conflicts around the world today.

5. REJECT ESCAPISM: When we face adversity or emotional problems, it is important that we do not ignore them out of over confidence or apathy.

6. THOUGHT BEFORE ACTION: Everyone is impulsive at some point in his life, but to do so consistently is a recipe for disaster. We are all overpowered by them once in a while but it is crucial to control our emotions and think before we act. Regret is very difficult to uproot once it has imposed itself on the subconscious.

7. CONSCIENCE: We all have it and it never lies. But when we are fighting with our conscience, repercussions are felt invariably in our mind and body. Emotional health thrives when you are at peace with your concise.

8. BALANCE: The universe is all about balance so it is needless to say that the mind functions optimally only when there is sufficiency on both sides of work and play.

9. OPEN MIND AND SCIENTIFIC THOUGHT: We must keep an open mind at all times and attempt to adapt ourselves to positive changes. A scientific frame of mind does not permit intolerant, prejudiced and parochial thoughts, which definitely enhances emotional health in all aspects.

10. PHYSICAL HEALTH: This maybe the last point but it is as vital as the other nine. When our physical health is in poor condition mental health and by extension, emotional health cannot be attained. Regular exercise keeps the mind fresh and in perfect synchronicity with the body. In a recent study conducted among people making new ehic applications, 65 percent opined that their emotional health had benefited from physical exercise. Also during illness, positive thinking focusing on recovery is known to be decisive.


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