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Mandy Kloppers

Ways To Boost Your Wellbeing For The Year Ahead

The new year is an ideal time to start thinking about your future goals and where you see yourself in the next decade. However, this time of the year can also be overwhelming, as you feel you need to have achieved so much in the previous few years to be able to move forward. The pressures of social media have also been brought into the limelight in recent months. Plus, the need for perfection and the so-called ‘living my best life’ motto has been bandied about significantly. 


However, the new year does bring a time for reflection, and whether you’ve experienced the good or the bad, it’s an ideal time to put that experience to good use. So to take the new year by the horns, check out some of the top ways to boost your wellbeing and focus on self-care for the year ahead. 

Consider lifestyle changes

The foundations of how you view things can come from your lifestyle choices. Temptation, limitless choice and the need to feel like you’re successful can cause you to burn out quickly. This pressure isn’t good for your health, and it will start to take a toll on relationships too. So it could be time to switch up your lifestyle. You can look at it as a whole or change elements of it to get yourself in a better headspace. It’s not just a case of changing diet or exercising more either; it’s the little things that can make a big difference. Some areas to consider are:


  • Removing toxic people from your life
  • Thinking about a career change
  • Trying something new
  • Learning a new skill
  • Widening your social circles

Embrace mother nature

We’re not saying you have to go out trekking to feel the benefits of mother nature but embracing what she has to offer more can help realign your mindset. From getting more water intake with the help of Donat Mg natural water or taking a walk on your lunch break around a local park area. Nature has so many benefits that are known to help mental and physical health, and just standing outside for a few minutes can boost your energy levels. So why not do more of it! 

Make time for self-care

We’re often guilty of feeling guilty about making time for ourselves. This mindset has contributed to burnout and mental health issues that affect people in different ways. An individual can’t be everywhere at one time or feel like they have to give themselves up for someone else. But in reality, many people struggle to find a balance. Scheduling time for yourself in the year ahead will help you refocus your goals and living a better lifestyle. It’s also important to explain to others that you need time for self-care otherwise you’ll get stuck in a rut of not putting yourself first every once in a while. 


The new year is an excellent time for reflection. But it’s essential to focus on the positives to move forward successfully. Each experience both good and bad shapes you; however, it’s how you use that knowledge that will see you through the next decade. 

Mandy X

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