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Mandy Kloppers

Ways That You Can Control Anxiety

For many years people have tried to combat anxiety in a medical way. Perhaps taking tablets like anti-depressants or natural supplements. Some of which have been proven to be completely ineffective for anxiety. However, many medical professionals would agree that anxiety is a behaviour and an issue you struggle with in your mind. Both with the physical and mental symptoms you can feel completely paralyzed, however this is where you need to action. If you don’t want to struggle with the symptoms of anxiety anymore, then here are some suggestions that will help you get through it.    

Get more sleep


Anxiety can be brought on for many different reasons, but stress is one of the main factors. Stress can lead to anxious thoughts and actions. Allowing your body to get the rest it needs could alleviate some of this in your life, and therefore the threat of anxiety symptoms creeping in. Sleep is important for many people to function properly during the day. If you struggle to sleep at night, it may be worth looking at your bedtime routine. A great tip is to stop using phones or technology at least an hour before heading to bed. Try and limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol and consider trying a herbal tea like chamomile. 


Try herbal remedies 


One option that can often be overlooked is herbal remedies that can help to calm your anxiety and the way you feel. It could be that you consider essential oils, or try a tablet that is herbal. You could also look at things such as Premium CBD Oil as an alternative. There are a number of different options that have been tried and tested, and it could be something suitable for you. 


Write a diary


Finally, a great tip to combat anxiety once and for all is to take some time to work out what triggers those symptoms in the first place. This will be a great indication of how you can combat it going forward or riding something out of your life for good. A useful piece of advice would be to start a diary, making a note of what happens and when. Noting down your symptoms. Taking this through with your doctor or a counsellor could help you determine what causes your anxiety. Generating a treatment around it. It doesn’t have to be anything complex. Just grab yourself a notebook and jot down those things that come to mind. It might be more insightful than you realise. 




Last of all, there is no doubt that moving your body and exercising more can have a positive effect on how you feel and your anxiety levels. Whether you are just starting out or an avid fitness enthusiast, moving your body can help you to feel so much better. Walking, moving more often and even doing something like running will help you to feel good in your mind and body. If you don’t like the gym, home workouts are also a good option. 


Let’s hope these tips help you when you come to controlling anxiety. 

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