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For most people, being at the centre of their own world and having a loving family is a wonderful thing. For Charlie, it’s literally a nightmare. A film about OCD.

A film about OCD

His worst fears seemingly realised; a distraught father takes one last walk through his ruined world. “I saw this film at an online showing for the OCD community. I then watched it again, part of it with my husband. He has been with me through 15+ years of OCD, and he turned tome afterwards and said, “Is that how you feel? It’s really scared me”. He has seen me at my very worst, externally, but this just demonstrated for me the power of the portrayal of the experience of living with OCD. I really think the Waving team have produced something unique, and I’ve never accessed anything that demonstrates the reality of the torture of OCD…and how far removed that is from common misconceptions. Thank you.”
— OCD Action viewer through IMDB.

OCD is  misunderstood condition

Waving is being made available as a general release on YouTube following a successful two-year run on the global festival circuit (35 festivals, 35 Nominations, 19 Awards). The film, starring globally acclaimed actor Ralph Ineson (The Witch, The First Omen), is
an unflinching but ultimately hopeful examination of the much-misunderstood condition of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
The team behind the production were assembled across a wide range of neuro-diverse backgrounds, and the writer has lived with OCD since the age of 11, only being diagnosed at 18.

Employing a surrealist filter to portray the terrifying thoughts that the condition causes sufferers, the film has been embraced by the community, festivals, and critics alike. The team hopes that this general release without any form of paywall will continue to shine a
light on this cruel and misunderstood illness that plagues so many people.
“The success of Waving lies in that, towards the end, we become the character Grace, offering Charlie that measure of hope and support on his final walk home. A deeply moving and elucidating movie, Waving offers insights in an uncomplicated manner on a subject
that requires far more attention than it gets. Kudos to the entire Waving team!” — Indie Shorts Mag

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