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Wall Mounted Mirrors- the new trend

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which stands out among them all? Well, wall mounted mirrors steal the spotlight! These mirrors not only create reflections of other decor pieces but are also quite a fashion statement. Well placed mirrors also enhance your home’s natural lighting. 

Create a beautiful space with a sleek and stylish wall mounted mirror. If you want an illusion of a bigger space plus a feel of elegance, the wall-mounted mirror comes in a variety of shapes, styles and designs to complete your decor. Think rustic pewter, the classic square and round and stunning beaded patterns. You cannot miss finding the perfect style that reflects your personality. 

Wall Mounted Mirror Designs 

Mirror Frames: 

You must consider the frame of your mirror. Your choice of frame can change the mirror from an understated piece to a sophisticated and dramatic decor in a snap. There are different kinds of frames including; 


 Opt for a wooden frame if you want a mirror with an earthy, natural appearance. Wooden frame, whether rustic or weathered finish incorporates a firm natural texture to a room and looks luxurious and earthy. 


Add some oomph to your room with a gilded frame. This frame adds a touch of class and sophistication to your room and blends perfectly with luxe styles. Most gilded frames have metallic finishes ranging from bronze to silver and gold. 


Mirrored frames comprise of distinctly designed pieces of bevelled glass. They enclose the middle section of the mirror at various angles to highlight and reflect light in many directions. 


Some wall mounted mirror designs come without a frame. Frameless mirrors are ideal if you want to mount the mirror in your bathroom wall. A frameless mirror is easier to clean, and a frame can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and mould, especially in the bathroom. 

Find a mirror shape that works for you 

The shape is a crucial aspect of purchasing a mirror. The form can either complement or contrast other decor items in the room. Rectangular shaped, or square mirrors are also known as portrait or landscape. These mirrors are excellent for enhancing the size of the room and maximizing light. 

Oval mirrors with rounded edges on the corners, offer a vintage appearance to the room. Abstract mirrors are the new kid in the block. They can take up any shape, be it geometric, star or a fractured shard of glass. 

Vertical shaped mirrors cause your eyes to travel upward and focus on the height, while horizontal shaped mirrors call your attention to the width of the mirror as your eyes have to look across a long line. 

Wall mirrors with circular frames offer a slightly soft or whimsical look and provide a subtle dramatic impact while angular mirrors, square or rectangle, provide a restrained appearance. 


Why size is king 

The size of your mirror affects the size of your room. But first, evaluate whether you want the mirror to be a piece of art or a focal point in the room. If you mount a small mirror on a big wall, it will appear out of place and get lost in the background. 

If you intend to have your mirror as the focal point of the room, it should be big and large enough to stand out. Alternatively, you can choose a frame that makes the mirror the centre of attention. 

Also, a big mirror will give your small room an illusion of a big space, especially if you want to enhance its size. 

Small mirrors are great accents. They can reflect other fascinating pieces or allow natural light into the room. Small mirrors are best used in batched rather than standalone pieces. When used in batches, they create a bigger illusion. Full-length mirrors are elegant and pleasing to boot if you’ve got the space. 

Ensure you get the most of your mirrors, especially the bathroom mirror without it taking a ton of extra floor space. 


How to install a wall-mounted mirror 

There are a series of steps you need to follow when installing a wall-mounted mirror to ensure you have a strong backing. 

1.Install your mirror slightly below eye level. 54 inches to 60 inches off the finished floor is ideal for most mirrors. If you’ll be using the mirror while seated, install it 38 inches to 44 inches off the floor. 


2. Use the stud finder to locate and attach the mirror to the stud. Create a mark where your ideal      height intersects with the stud. Position the mirror’s mounting plate on the mark. 



3. Consult the mirror’s mounting plate to mark where you’ll place the two screws that will hold the mounting plate. 


4. Drill pilot holes equal to the depth of the screw’s length for mounting the screws. 


5. Attach the mounting plate but be careful not to overtighten the screws and risk crushing the drywall. 


6. Use the decorative nuts that come with the mirror to attach it to the mounting plate. 


Final wrap 

 Mirrors are elegant pieces that can spruce up any room from your living area to your bathroom.  

If you are hunting for the ideal mirror and you are having a difficult time weeding out the best from the rest, consider the wall-mounted mirror. Spice up your home decor with the elegant wall mounted mirror.  

It creates an illusion of a bigger space almost twice as large which is a plus if you have a smaller room. The wall-mounted mirror also adds a touch of elegance to your space and enhances the natural lighting of the room. 

Your choice will depend entirely on your purpose while decorative mirrors feature rustic, stylish frames bathroom mirrors are frameless. Also, consider the ideal mounting hardware as wall mirrors tend to be quite substantial. 


Photo by Oliver Cole on Unsplash

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