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Virtual Walk-In Medical Clinic

Virtual walk-in clinics are becoming the fad all around due to their ability for remote medical access.

Patients can now access medical healthcare virtually anywhere either through phone calls, text, or email. Video chats are also available and enable the patient to connect one on one with the doctor.

Virtual walk-in clinics work the same as walk-in clinics in providing healthcare for individuals with prescriptions, referrals, and consultations. The nature of the clinics does not allow for serious cases due to the virtual aspect, however, patients who have serious complications will be referred to the nearest emergency center.

There are several reasons why a patient should access virtual walk-in clinics:

  • Affordable

Virtual walk-in clinics are much more affordable than emergency rooms costing up to half the cost in emergency rooms. The costing is different from emergency rooms as outsourcing some patients for minor general treatment should be made easier and affordable. This is because they do not solely rely on insurance covers, and accept cash.

  • Same-day appointments

The convenience and ease of virtual walk-in clinics enable patients to walk in and access doctors on call without scheduling an appointment. There are always doctors available to chat and talk o the patient regarding their ailment. Therefore, the stress of having to book an appointment beforehand is not necessary, giving the patient a chance to access healthcare without prior arrangements.

  • Little to no wait times

Virtual walk-in clinics do not have the long and tedious queues often characterized by emergency rooms. The presence of a working and available staff ensures that patients do not have to wait for long periods to be served. Therefore, patients can walk in and out having wasted no extra time and being able to manage their time and schedules.

  • Open till late

Virtual walk-in clinics are open until late and also open during weekends. This gives patients who have tight working schedules during the week be able to access the services when they leave their busy schedules during the weekday, or during the weekends.

  • Private and confidential

Virtual walk-in clinics offer private and confidential services that appeal to their clients. The patient’s records are confidential and only accessible to the doctor or practitioner on call. This limits them from the scrutiny and openness often available in high-staffed hospitals and emergency centers.

  • Convenient

The virtual walk-in clinic often offers prompt responses to the patients. Insurance is also accepted and patients fill out the required forms after the consultation. However, patients who opt to pay with cash are welcome and not exempted from the service.

How virtual walk-in clinics work

Most virtual walk-in clinics have an application for booking appointments. Patients will log in and schedule an immediate appointment. Patients are required to provide their demographic information and the provider of their choice. They will be issued with a ticket.

The use of videos is a welcome addition, as there is one on one interaction with the doctor. When the online physician is available, the patient can start explaining their concerns.

Patients should remember to use the right equipment well to enable the physician to be able to address individual issues. Make sure you’re using a laptop, Smartphone, or tablet with a webcam, microphone, and a robust internet connection. It is best to use the Google Chrome web browser on the laptop or desktop computer for the best results.

After the consultation, the patient will access the prescription online. Based on the personal details of the patient, an online prescription will be sent to the pharmacy of the patient’s choice. The patient will get a chance to determine the pharmacy they will get their medication from, either through free delivery or pick up at the pharmacy location.

Medical issues available in virtual clinics

Virtual walk-in clinics handle basic medical cases which are not emergency in nature. Individuals who have emergency cases need to call 911 for emergency for immediate healthcare.

Virtual walk-in clinics handle several health cases and symptoms such as the following:

  • Illness prevention

Virtual walk-in clinics aim to help patients with medications to help prevent illnesses and infections. For instance, influenza, severe coughing, and basic allergies are treated.

  • Respiratory infections

The several respiratory infections that affect individuals such as the common flu, or fevers and sinus infections are treated in virtual walk-in clinics.

  • Skin and nail problems

Skin conditions such as eczema, acne, fungal infections, and skin irritation can be treated at the clinic.

  • Stomach conditions

These include diarrhea, stomach upsets, acid reflux, and constipation.

  • Travel medication

Medication needed for travel includes malaria prevention and prevention of motion sickness.

  • Female infections

Common female infections such as yeast infections, UTI treatments, and general checkups are done in virtual clinics.

New trends in virtual walk-in clinics

New services and additions are being incorporated into virtual walk-in clinics that aim to ease and change services making them easier to be incorporated. For instance, the new addition of orthopedic video visits has been introduced to help outpatients with various orthopedic conditions get medication and reprieve.

Communicating with an orthopedic enables the patient to access treatment, thus getting the right medication for some of the common ailments associated with orthopedics. This has heightened individual care and expanded the range of physicians.

Advanced technology has led to the development of modern applications; advanced text messaging has enabled the use of encrypted and safe networks. The video and phone doctor visits also do not have to rely on people to be able in the promise.

Clinics are also working with a broader healthcare system as they are now able to incorporate more professionals into the clinic’s portal. The professionals do not have to be on-site, therefore making it easy for several of them nationwide and countrywide to enroll for virtual walk-in clinics.

The broad range of doctors from outside allows the girls to expand their horizons thus being able to focus more on them. For instance, doctors from all cultures and locations ensure the appreciation of different cultures from across different walks of life.

Photo by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia on Unsplash