Emotional Wellbeing

Mandy Kloppers

Using mindfulness

New Browser Window

Imagine your mind can be compared to an internet browser. Our mind’s default mode is like a
search engine’s function which searches the internetlooking for information. New and old. Useful and not useful. Current and out-of-date. Fact and opinion.
Once our mind has found something to latch onto, it can be difficult to let it go – as if it is showing and
staying in our browser window. Just as with an internet browser though, we don’t have to keep focusing on things we don’t want or need to focus on. We can choose to open a new tab or new window, and create a blank page. Our old tabs or windows can still be there, to come back to anytime, if we so choose.

Opening a new tab or window means we clear out the clutter, our thought clutter, and start again. This time, we can choose what to put in this window. What would be helpful? What would be the best thing to focus on? Or maybe we can just let it stay almost blank – observing this present moment. Our breath, our supported body, our environment.

Every time you notice your mind is in the default mode, browsing around and getting caught up in unhelpful or upsetting thought patterns…
Notice your mind is in default mode
Think about opening a new browser window
Choose your focus, e.g.
o Your breathing
o The environment
o Your activity (current or choose a new activity)

Little exercises like the one above can help train us to be more selective with the thoughts we let in and focus on. Thoughts will continue to come. You can’t choose who knocks at the door but you can choose how long you wish to enetertain them for – the same with your thoughts.

Mandy X