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Using Essential Oil Candles to Improve Mindfulness

It is said that “A peaceful mind is a fertile ground” and mindfulness is all about the fertility of the mind. So, being mindful means having a mind that is full of energy and peace, able to maintain focus, and capable of staying attentive. Psychology has much more involved when it comes to being mindful – when brain neurotransmitters receive any soothing /positive triggering factor from an internal or external source, the brain interprets it as “all is well”. But your current lifestyle is just one word, “stressful”, which means no time for health at all. Dear, health means not only physical but mental, emotional, and spiritual too. Worry not! We’ve found solutions for you in aromatherapy, an effective tool for achieving mindfulness. In aromatherapy, fragrant candles are considered an effective tool for mindfulness. Here are some top choices of scented candles filled with essential oils just For you.

Clary Sage essential oil

Prayer and meditation are great sources for improving mindfulness and lighting up a Clary Sage candle can do wonders. Clary Sage essential oil’s molecules, when entered the bloodstream via the nose, provide the body with profound vigor and confidence.  The oil not only helps cleanse the mind but purifies the spirit as well. The oil’s calming scent helps refill and stimulate mental and spiritual energy making you innerly enlightened. Clary Sage essential oil opens the doors of catharsis and thus provides emotional balance as well as uplifts your mood. Also, with its soothing aroma, Clary Sage oil helps relax your tired senses slowly and steadily.

Anise Star Essential Oil

Anise Star essential oil helps improve mindfulness just by addressing various physiological and psychological issues. And the job is done by its chemical components. Limonene, for example, is such a powerful antioxidant that it prevents the damage caused by oxidative stress and helps promote the quality of sleep. Next comes Linalool, an organic component that is shown to be useful in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and stress, and thus the oil clears these two barriers in the path of a mindful journey. Another strong component of the oil is Alpha-pinene. This component targets the same brain neurotransmitters on which anti-anxiety medications work. So, it makes sense that Anise Star essential oil can be a helping hand for people suffering from anxiety.

Vetiver Essential Oil

In aromatherapy, a candle filled with Vetiver essential oil is considered a great contributor to your physical and mental stability. Using Vetiver essential oil during mindful practices helps promote focus, attentiveness, and alertness. Deep and direct inhalation of the oil puts a soothing and relaxing impact on the senses. The calming and soothing aroma of Vetiver is a great tool to attain a perfect order for people suffering from any sleep disorder. While on the bed, visualizing positive aspects of life combined with improved focus, proper rest and a soothing atmosphere automatically push you to deep slumbers. So dear, get the benefits of this magical oil but there’s a caution for scent-sensitive people.


You’ll find lots of fragrance candles out there but only those filled with essential oils are the things you actually need. Also, essential oil candles don’t limit you in terms of getting them. Instead, you can make your own DIY essential oil candles in the comfort of your home. And for this unique venture, make sure you buy a high quantity of essential oils so you can’t waste your time each time you have to buy essential oils for candles. Also, make sure you choose a brand that offers 100% pure essential oils at bulk prices, so you can save both your time and money at the same time. Wishing you a mindful day in the company of a precious gift of nature.

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