Emotional Wellbeing

Mandy Kloppers

Unexpected animal abuse

OMG, have you ever been innocently scrolling down your Twitter feed or been on Facebook only to witness a vile video of animal cruelty? Unexpected animal abuse freaks me out and ruins my day. I know that it exists but it leaves me feeling disgusted in the human race and helpless in being able to stop the cruelty.

I have literally just been on Twitter and accidentally happened upon an awful video clip of shocking animal abuse. I can’t bear it. I give to three animal charities via direct debit every month and I don’t need to see these videos to improve my empathy or understanding.

I get emails from PETA (one of the charities I donate to) and avoid opening them due to the horrific brutal nature of the images they show. Seeing these types of images sets me back and leads me to thinking about the awful atrocities committed in this world to each other and to innocent animals. My state of mind plummets. Any thoughts on this?

Mandy X