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Understanding Addiction

People under the strong influence of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs find it difficult to get rid of the habit. Addicts are always looking for solutions, but the urge to continue always overcomes the zeal to take down their habits. Specialized rehab centers can often help alcohol and drug addicts find the right form of guidance and assistance. Such centers can help addicts find the right treatments, counseling, and therapy sessions for recovery.  

According to Asana.com – ‘Addiction is a complex condition of the brain that turns into compulsive substance use. This is to say that every human under some kind of addiction are aware of the side effects but are unable to get rid of the same. 

Psychological readings 

Psychology shows that a person who has lost to oneself can never really gain back the confidence, and so does this happens with addicted people. Consistent failure to overcome the addiction reduces confidence, making it more challenging for addicts to recover fully 

Drug and alcohol intoxications can cause severe damage to the brain. The immunity of a drug addict is a separate concept altogether. The tolerance towards the drug increases their immunity and resistance power to the drugleaving the person helpless and habituated to intoxication for the rest of their lives.  

…But why do people get addicted at all? 

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, people start taking the drug mainly for these reasons:  

  1. To feel “high”!  
  1. To relieve stress 
  1. To improve performance 
  1. Simple curiosity and peer pressure 

Most drug addicts are also looking for peace in life, and drugs like LSD and Marijuana help them find a quick escape. Broken families and a traumatized past can be other major reasons behind addiction, including forceful involvement in work and excessive stress.  

What is the treatment? 

One of the first steps during recovery is to recognize the problem. A comprehensive assessment can help an addict understand the problem and find effective solutions to deal with the situation. Additionally, friends or family members must be made aware of the problem for them to be able to extend the social guidance and support required to help the patient through recovery. Since there are several reasons that lead to different kinds of addictionrelative treatments, therapies, and programs also vary depending on the tailored needs of the patient.  

Necessary Prevention 

Prevention is undoubtedly better than cure. Alongside making a difference at an individual level by helping those around you through recovery, other solutions to prevent addiction is by spreading awareness. By making teenagers and youngsters aware of the problems and harmful effects of addiction from a younger age, it is possible to prevent over-reliance and excessive use of alcohol and drugs like tobacco, marijuana, and LSD. Awareness programs incorporated by therapists and addiction counselors can further help bring about greater differences in the way addicts are approached, treated, and offered guidance in the best way possible. 

Instead of blaming an addict, it becomes more important to understand the problem and look for solutions to pull them up from the dark world of alcohol/drug addictionIncreasing awareness and effective treatments at the right time can help reduce the long-term effects of addiction and prevent relapses among addicts during recovery.   

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Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

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