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Twelve Ways to Find Peace and Contentment

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Twelve Ways to Find Peace and Contentment

Accept your ‘human-ness’.

So you want peace and contentment? Fat, thin, short or tall…able-bodied or disabled. We are all here in a particular physical form. The reason for being in our specific ‘shell’ may not be known but it is what we have been given to interact with on this planet. I used to hide the fact that I have Cystic Fibrosis. I felt inferior. Now I think my body is amazing as it produced a wonderful child (who is now 15 yrs old), it works harder than ‘healthy’ bodies have to and I’m still going strong – clever little bod of mine!

Love Yourself “Voetstoets”

Love yourself as you are. “Voetstoets” is an old Afrikaans expression from South Africa and is often used when selling a second hand car. Sold “voetstoets” = sold “as is”. You don’t need to rise to the top or achieve anything in order to be amazing and wonderful. Society conditions us to believe we need to be productive to be valued – it’s nonsense. You are just fine as you are – whether you achieve every day or spend the day in bed.

Enjoy the present moment

Live in the moment as much as possible. Your power lies in the present moment..this is where it’s at. Right now..yes, right time like the present 🙂

Keep it simple

Don’t complicate life. Look for the little things in life that bring joy. We really don’t need that much to be satisfied. Advertising companies want you to believe otherwise but they are wrong and just want your money. You don’t need more things to be happy.

Keep perspective

Will you feel this same frustration/irritation week? Time passes and the intensity of emotion passes too. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Live with integrity

Let your inner world mirror your outer world. Be kind, don’t gossip and live a good life. Be able to look at yourself in the mirror and like/respect the person looking back at you.

Don’t hold grudges

You give the people you hold grudges against power over you when you don’t forgive. You still have poisonous thoughts about them that upset you yet they are off doing their thing without giving you a second thought. Don’t allow this to happen. Forgive and move on – especially if you cannot change or control any part of the situation. Let it go.

Be an optimist

Positive thoughts can singlehandedly improve the quality of your life. It doesn’t cost a thing either.


Accept what is. Stop resisting what you cannot change. It is wasted energy. Instead focus on resolving issues. Once you accept what is, you can begin effectively dealing with it.

Don’t Hold Back

We have all been hurt and as a result we tend to start protecting ourselves by closing off and revealing less of ourselves to others. We look for signs as to why we shouldn’t trust others.Being open and letting others in can be a huge relief and can bring incredibly positive results. I’m not talking about opening up to complete strangers but about allowing yourself to be less vulnerable with people you care about. Trusting others and having a little faith can bring huge emotional rewards.

No Comparisons

Comparing ourselves to others is irrational. We are comparing our perceived faults with their positive achievements and attributes. What’s the point of that? You don’t know all the facts so you will be drawing conclusions that are likely to be inaccurate and they won’t leave you feeling good about yourself. What a waste. There is no need to compare. We all have our good and bad bits.

Do Something Different

Get out of your comfort zone – try something new. Don’t be afraid- ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen? If you keep doing the same thing you’ll keep getting the same result.

Sometimes we can feel stuck by circumstances in life. There is always a way to shift things, even if it’s just your thinking that you start with. Choose your attitude, be open, be kind – let others in a bit more. Finding peace and contentment isn’t impossible. Get the energy flowing in and out for some amazing changes…

Mandy X



Photo by Dawn Ashley

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