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Twelve Things Happy People Do Differently

Twelve Things Happy People Do Differently

There are certain behaviours that happy people engage in that give them the edge over others. Believe it or not, there are psychological tricks to improve your mood. Sometimes, the behaviours may seem counterintuitive but research shows that these actions help boost your mood and keep anxiety manageable.

Happy people can tolerate uncertainty

Anxious individuals crave certainty. When you crave something that doesn’t exist, you set yourself up for further stress and happiness. Happy people accept that uncertainty is a part of life and learn to go with the flow. The best way to tolerate uncertainty is to be flexible and adaptable. Nurture self-belief that you can cope with whatever comes your way.

Happy people can dismiss their fears

Fears can be put in perspective. Happy people live by the motto: “face you fears as they appear not as you fear”. Overthinking creates fear – minimise rumination and use problem-solving instead.

Happy people practise gratitude

Focusing on what is good in your life is an instant mood booster and happy people use this clever trick to regularly focus on what is good instead of looking at life through a constant negative filter (human nature)

Take responsibility for their actions and status in life

Playing the blame game is a waste of time and leaves you feeling powerless. happy people take responsibility for their mistakes and bad decisions. They don’t give themselves a hard time for failing as they know this is part of life.

They don’t catastrophise

Happy people keep perspective. They might catastrophise but know when they are doing this and are in the habit of remembering that catastrophising is unhelpful. There are many other ways ti look at a situation. Often the worst-case scenario doesn’t happen.

Only deal with evidence – dismiss assumptions

Happy people don’t spend ages ‘in their heads’ worrying about things they cannot control.

They don’t compare

Comparing is wasted energy. We all have different timelines, goals and values. Focus on your own journey and minimise what others are doing. That’s their business – focus on yours.

They speak out

Happy people aren’t afraid to speak their opinion. They will stand up for what they believe in even  if it will make them less popular. You may be less popular but you will earn respect.

Happy people live life according to their values

Happy people are self-aware and know what their values are – whether that’s family, ambition or adventure, they incorporate this into their life.

They are true to themselves

Happy people don’t change with the company they keep. They stick to being kind, compassionate and show empathy for others.

Happy people don’t care what others think – they care but still do what they want

Happy people do care but they go ahead anyway. We are social creatures and we like to feel included and liked but not at all costs.


Happy people also know that happiness isn’t a constant feeling. They don’t have unrealistic expectations about experiencing euphoria constantly. Being laid back, self-compassionate and taking life as it comes, that’s what helps happy people to keep happiness in their lives, however fleeting.

Mandy X


Mandy X