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Twelve Simple Ideas that make all the difference

I’m a thinker. Far too much for my own liking but being a thinker can work if you use the time to learn and problem-solve. I have realised that there are certain concepts that are universal and we can all apply these:

Twelve Simple Ideas that make all the difference

1) Gaining knowledge does not automatically mean that you are growing as a person. It is using and applying that knowledge to live an informed and enlightened life that helps you grow. Theory and application are very different.

2) Many people talk but never do. A great idea isn’t worth anything unless it is actioned. Simple ideas need to be applied, not just considered.

3) Most unhappiness comes from the difference between how life is and how we feel life should be. Work with what you have rather than bemoaning life and wishing things were different. Gratitude is key. Get into the habit of noticing at least three things every day that you appreciate.

4)You can’t change others, you can only control your reactions to others. Focus on yourself and feel more empowered.

5) Failure is a necessary part of life, see each failure as an extra earned strip on your jacket of life. Adjust your views on failure – failure is more about giving up and avoiding completely rather than trying and not getting it right – big difference!

6) See the world in a philosophical way. Sometimes bad things happen to us and we may never truly understand why. See each difficult experience as a way to grow, a lesson to learn.

7) Staying in your comfort zone can be damaging. Learn to leave comfort behind to learn your strengths (and weakness). Knowledge is power. Self-awareness gives you the edge. Simple ideas can change your life but knowing where to focus means knowing yourself well.

8) Thoughts and facts are not the same. Your thinking can be selective. Choose thoughts that work for you and improve the quality of your life.

9) You are in your current position in life due to past decisions you have made. You are 100% responsible for where you are in life.

10) Stress comes not from facts, but from the meaning you give those facts. Consider alternatives. What would you tell a friend in the same situation?

11) You cannot change whatever you refuse to acknowledge. Denial will keep you stuck. It’s an unhelpful coping mechanism. Embrace uncertainty. Learn to deal with it – this is the key to confidence.

12) Being happy and being successful aren’t always the same. True success comes from knowing how to navigate life, coping with disappointment and staying hopeful and as unperturbed as possible.


Simple ideas about life can make all the difference. Watch what you choose to believe. This choice determines your quality of life.

Mandy X


Photo by Frank Vessia on Unsplash

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