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Mandy Kloppers

Troubled Waters: The Risks Impacting Our Seas

Sea Life on Earth is truly something to marvel at. There are countless species to be found in the salty deep, and a lot of them haven’t ever been recorded, making this one of the most diverse places on the planet. Of course, though, the ocean is under a lot of different threats. From the issues which humans create to natural changes, the sea has always been a dynamic environment, but it’s always worth being aware of the impact you might have. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the key risks which are impacting the sea.




Even when countries work hard to limit their impact on the ocean, pollution is always going to make a difference. With the ozone layer being damaged and greenhouse gasses building up in the atmosphere, a lot of the world’s oceans are getting warmer. The life inside can’t cope with this, and this has started to destroy coral reefs across the world, along with wiping our entire species.




In the past, it was thought that the ocean was able to provide an unlimited bounty, though this has been proven to be false. A lot of the most popular fish have been caught to near extinction, and the rate at which this is happening is only increasing. Cod, salmon, and tuna are all examples of this, but a lot of people still eat them. There are other fish which aren’t under the same threat.




Like humans, fish and ocean mammals can’t survive when they are exposed to something poisonous. Microplastics in drinking water are a risk which most people are unaware of, though, and this means that the plastic in the ocean often gets ignored. Most of the world’s plastic waste ends up in the sea, and will be broken down into materials which fish can’t avoid. This is causing massive damage, making some areas uninhabitable.




Some of the world’s largest oil wells are found out at sea. With this resource being essential to human survival, it makes sense that it is drilled so much. Of course, though, when oil spills, it can change habitats forever, making them impossible to live in and hurting the wildlife caught in the middle of it. This is something which hasn’t happened many times, but the fallout has been dramatic.


Military Activity


While it may not leave much of a sign of it’s damage, military activity can cause chaos for life in the sea. With a lot of ocean creatures relying on echo location and basic forms of sonar, the signals which are beamed out by ships and submarines can be extremely disruptive. This is ignoring the testing which is done at sea, with a lot of nuclear weapons being used in these areas.


With all of this in mind, you should be feeling far more passionate about the ocean. Providing food, oxygen, and so much life, it makes sense to work hard to preserve this part of the world. Of course, though, you have to work hard to do your part.

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