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Mandy Kloppers

Transparency and openness breaks down barriers

We all like to protect ourselves from the judgements of others and we all have our own insecurities that we keep hidden from others. Closing down and being secretive though reinforces isolation and self doubt. It’s the confident ones who feel happy in themselves that are free to be themselves – open and honest.

I have found that the more open and honest I am, the more other people reveal themselves to me. They tell me they see me as human and more approachable. People who are guarded may sometimes seem more ‘together’ but the reality is often the complete opposite.

It’s well known that A-list celebrities are often very warm and open and this is because they have nothing to prove. It’s often those who are still trying to make it in the industry or feel inferior who have the attitude of “Do you know who I am?”. I know a few people in the airline industry and they have told me that, in general, the people travelling in First class are quite easy going, it’s the travellers in business class or world traveller plus (slightly more expensive than economy with a bit more room) that are the most difficult and demanding. The psychology of this intrigues me.

I have also come across other therapists who have barriers up and aren’t very forthcoming as people. This, again is usually because they have some sort of hang up or inferiority complex. I am generalising but there is definitely a pattern.

Being open and transparent makes you more human and shows that you are fallible. No one has all the answers and most of us are bumbling along trying to make the best of this crazy world we live in. There is a lot of stress and we are all trying to survive. Being open and kind can be like a breath of fresh air for many of us dealing with manipulation, deceit and other people’s egos on a daily basis.

Mandy X


Photo by Michael Dam on Unsplash