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Top Ten Personal Fails

Top Ten Personal Fails

Let me count the ways that we let ourselves down…

Self sabotage, negative self talk, procrastination, comparing to others..the list goes on. Being aware of these ‘personal fails’ is the first step in challenging them and learning to help yourself rather than hinder your chances in life. Here are the top ten personal fails that I have come across personally and professionally.


1) Comparing our life situations to others.

2) Ignoring our inner wisdom/instincts – not being true to ourselves.

3) Caring too much what others think. People pleasing.

4) Making ourselves afraid before something has even happened…”what if” thinking. Approach life as it comes not as you fear.

5) Living in the past or focusing too much on the future. Mindfulness is a better way to focus.

6) Not taking time for ourselves, to refocus, reassess and reconnect.

7)Engaging in negative self-talk..I’m not good enough, I could never do that. I am so stupid, No one will love the real me etc Personalising. Allowing our thoughts to subject us to mental torture by making assumptions when we have no real evidence…

8) Allowing others to treat us badly, disrespect us, ignore our needs and wishes, criticise us.

9) Staying in our comfort zones and not expanding our boundaries/horizons to find out what we are truly capable of. Uncovering our strengths/weaknesses.

10) Engaging in self-sabotage – addictive behaviour, overeating, overspending, staying in unhappy relationships out of fear of the unknown, being afraid of life, not speaking up, and expressing an opinion.

Mandy X


Do any of these top ten personal fails apply to you? You have a duty to honour yourself and put yourself first. The kinder you are to yourself, the more you will have to give to others. The old cliche is true – “charity begins at home”. Self-love and acceptance is the starting point for kindness that will emanate outwards to others. If you continually put others first you will end up with expectations that they might never meet, resentment will set in and inner chaos and toxic thoughts will build up and colour your perceptions of the world.

Mandy X