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Top Ten Funny, Silly Movies

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Top Ten Funny, Silly Movies

It’s important to add some type of feel good factor into our lives, whether that’s eating a piece of chocolate cake or  watching a funny movie. Experiencing pleasure helps us to feel alive and feel that life is good. I have put together a list of my top ten funny, silly movies that have helped me to have a giggle and enjoy a good laugh.


1) See no evil, Hear no evil

see no evil hear no evil
See No Evil Hear No Evil (click to purchase)


A comedy of errors. It can be a little too silly at times but it’s an old classic that never fails to make me laugh.






2) Paul

 An alien comedy. I laughed all the way through. One of my favourites!

3) Dirty Rotten Scoundrels


Dirty rotten scoundrels
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels  (click to purchase)
This is such a fun movie with two of my favourite actors – Michael Caine and Steve Martin. This movie is funny throughout and has a good twist at the end.






4) There’s something about Mary

 Cameron Diaz stars in this hilarious movie with the famous ‘hair gel scene’. This is definitely one of my top comedies.

5) Analyze this

 Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal star in this comedy. A highly relevant theme for me as it is about a psychiatrist and his client. Very funny.

6) Analyze that

Follow up to movie – Analyse this. Just as good 🙂


7) The Hangover

 I love love the hangover movies. Possibly my absolute favourite funny movie of them all.


8) Meet The Parents

 Robert De Niro stars in this movie with Ben Stiller. Absolutely brilliant.


9) Borat

 This movie will have you laughing and squirming. Borat, an ignorant man from eastern Europe breaks many societal protocols and engages in many embarrassing behaviours. Refreshing and funny.

10) Dumb and dumber

 I love Jim Carey and he’s in this movie. This film isn’t for everyone as it has a lot of silly scenes and ‘toilet humour’ but it’s a good laugh and easy to follow. A good break from the seriousness of life…


So there you have it, my top ten funny, silly movie list. Hope you enjoy!


Mandy X

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