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Top Eco-Friendly Items For Better, Healthier Sleep

It is recommended that we all get at least 7 hours of sleep every 24 hours. Unlike 70 years ago, our duration of sleep has reduced by more than 10 percent. This can be blamed on hectic work schedule and surrounding factors like financial problems. 

But on careful observation, we could deduce the type of material we cuddle on every night significantly affects how long and how convenient our sleep might be. 

There is no better time than now to give considerable attention to our sleep. Scientists have discovered adult who sleeps lesser than 7 hours in every 24-hour period are at high risk being obese and less active during the day.

Below are some eco-friendly items to make your sleep better and healthier;

Wool Comforter

Make your sleep more enjoyable with the wool comforters made out of sheep and goats fine hair. A study has revealed sleeping on wool significantly optimizes sleep and makes you feel relaxed anytime you wake up. 

You are most likely to enjoy this material during the winter and any other cold day. To comply with the idea of being eco-friendly, make sure the wool comforter you will be purchasing is from a reputable company known for not abusing the animals these wools are sheared from. 

wool comforter

Wool Comforter Bed Covering

Natural Latex Mattress

Our generation preferred sleeping on memory foam, but as someone who is both eco-conscious and would prefer to have a comfortable and healthy sleep, 100% natural latex mattress is worth considering. 

They are scarce to get in the market but the stress of finding one worth it. You can read some latex Mattress review by SleepDelivered and where to easily buy one. 

Natural latex mattress conveniently conforms to your body shape and weight thereby preventing hips and shoulder pains that may result from sleeping on an unhealthy mattress. 

all natural latex mattress

All Natural Latex Mattress

Avocado Green Mattress

Mattresses are the major determinant of our healthy sleep. Avocado Green is made from 100% organic materials. You don’t have to worry about your weight, this mattress is built to withstand different weights. 

To make the mattress 100% eco-friendly, the support layer is made from recycled steel. The wool and cotton are GOT-certified. Also, the wool has also earned the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification.

The avocado mattress is perfect for all weather. During a high-temperature time of the year, the wool and cotton are designed to absorb sweats leaving you refreshed while you sleep. 

Sleepdelivered compiled a comprehensive review of this mattress and its alternatives. 



Avocado Green Mattress

DreamCloud Mattress

The Dreamcloud mattress shows you don’t have to sacrifice your love for memory foams to be eco-friendly. 

This hybrid mattress makes use of memory and all-natural latex foams for its eight layers. The addition of the latex layer prevents the memory foams from compromising comforts and instead makes sleep more enjoyable. 

Dreamcloud is reputed for manufacturing top quality foam that offers fantastic body contouring. The SleepDelivered review of the mattress reveals the design prevents back pain. 

dream cloud mattress

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

Kapok Pillow

The use of the kapok pillow gives an optimal comfort during sleep in addition to the comfy of eco-friendly mattresses. You can conveniently rest your head or hug the pillow as it is designed to be very soft. The softness makes it easier to conform to your head movement, hence prevent neck pain. 

As a combo, the kapok fibers can repel moisture (such as sweat) leaving your neck and head cool throughout the night. 

kapok pillow

Kapok Pillow

Why Eco-Friendly Items Are Important For Sleep

The use of eco-friendly items contains lesser or none chemicals that may be dangerous to your health and the environment. 

The benefits they offer your sleep are all natural and not synthesized in a laboratory. Nothing could be compared to hugging natural kapok fibers in kapok pillow for instance. Rolling on a hybrid mattress with the knowledge that no animal or plant was hurt to produce the material gives a relaxing feel on its own.