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Top Career Paths With a PSYD Degree 


If a psyd degree interests you, then you might be in the career path that will take you to earn a great income. Mostly the pay is always determined by geographical area that the person is working in. People who live in big cities always get a higher salary because of the cost of living. This will also be the case with those with the psyd degree. They will be paid depending on the cities they are in. That said, the salary is still good and that is why a lot of people are enrolling in this program. 

Most of the people who have taken this career path are smiling all the way to the bank as some are well-known people. Below are top career paths you can take with a psyd degree: – 

Private Practice Psychologist 

This type of psychologist is regarded as the best paid in the practice. However, it will take several years for them to establish themselves, but when they do it, they will be getting an income which is not less than $150000. All they have to do is get the needed experience and right clientele and they will be smiling all the way to the bank. 

Engineering Psychologist 

The engineering psychologist is required to study how machines and man interact every day. These people ensure that there is safety in the organization or industry while making sure that efficiency and profitability are maximized. These people are found in the private sector. 

They are also required to make the products that are used on a daily basis easy to use and operate. They can come up with simple procedures, easy instructions, and streamlined processes. These psychologists earn not less than $108,000, which is a very good income. 

Industrial Psychologist 

The work of this psychologist is almost the same as that of the engineer psychologist. Although the industrial one will deal with the product evaluation and processes. The main job of these psychologists is to make sure that the operational framework is working properly and is simple and clean as possible. If there are processes which are duplicated or have unnecessary steps, they should be upgraded. 

All the obstacles which are making the production to go slow should be improved. Positive changes should also be made to improve efficiency and get rid of any safety hazards. The psychologist in this sector is expected to get $103,000. 

Administrative Hospital Psychologist 

This type of psychologist should be very experienced as they are expected to have worked up their career ladder or organization to clinch the top administrative role among the other psychologists who are there. The administrative hospital psychologist, are more like managers of the team of psychologists in that facility and they do not see or see very few patients. This psychologist gets an income of about $95,000. 


This psychologist uses the research information on the brain to create effective and better treatment for the patients they are seeing. They will analyze their patients and when they know the problem they are facing. They will then create the treatment. When they get familiar with the field and learn more about the processes, they may even create areas of specialization. Neuropsychologist gets an income of about $91000. 

Forensic Psychologist 

A Forensic psychologist is involved in the investigations of any criminal activity and treatment of criminals. They mostly work with the justice system such as criminals and civil matters. This type of work is deemed to be very uncomfortable as it deals with criminals, but the income can be a plus because it is $85,000. 

Correctional Facility Psychologist 

This psychologist as the name suggests will be involved with the treatment of those who are in the correctional facility. They will concern themselves in motivation, training, treating of mental disorders and addressing behavioral concerns. Due to the location and the people that the psychologist will be working with, they will have an income that is higher. It comes to about $85,000. There are those psychologists that would be very uncomfortable to work in this location and with the inmates as they may be hard to work and deal with. 

Military Psychologist 

Most of the military men and women suffer physical and emotional trauma because of the type of work they do and that is why they need a psychologist as their disposal. A Military psychologist will help these people to deal with the issues that they are going through as most of them get trauma and PTSD disorders. In case a military officer loses his or her life, the psychologist will have to talk with the family to help them deal with the situation that they are going through. Due to the intensity of this work, the military psychologist gets $73,000. 

Counseling Psychologist 

This is the most common practice of psychology as most of the psychologist are in this field. These psychologists use research and studies to find solutions to what their patients are going through. If the patients are dealing with a problem that is more complicated, the treatment will be continuous and they will be able to live their life even when going on with the treatment. Most of these psychologists have their private practice and others are employed by organizations. 

This type of psychologist work in schools. They provide support for students who are going through issues when in school. They are also required to monitor the students and their performance and see if any of their developments needs assistance. If there is a need for special education for some of the students, they will let the management know. The school psychologist gets an income of $70,000. 

Having looked at the top career paths with a psyd degree am sure you are now more convinced to enroll in the program. After being though with the course, you will be assured of very good jobs that have a very good income. The income of the psychologist ranges from $150000 to 70,000, isn’t that amazing? 

 Mandy X