Mandy Kloppers

Top 6 Romantic Destinations In Europe

Travelling can be a stressful time for anyone, especially when it comes to planning the perfect romantic getaway. Not only do you need to get the location perfect, but there is also the organization of passports and a global health insurance card that need to be considered to make sure that the trip goes off with no issue. To help you reduce the stress you have surrounding travelling, we will be providing you with our list of the top 6 romantic locations to visit in Europe.


Venice, Italy

When looking for romantic places to travel, you can do no better than Venice, Italy. With years’ worth of history, amazing architecture and some of the best food in Europe, this location has to be seen to be believed. With so much to do and see as well as rides on the canals on your very own gondola, this is the perfect romantic location for any couple to enjoy.


Santorini, Greece

Another location that proves highly popular for many that are looking for a romantic getaway in Santorini in Greece. This perfect island has amazing beaches and quaint little towns that make for the ultimate relaxing getaway in the sun. Whether you decide to stay in one of the many five-star resorts on offer or you choose to stay in one of the smaller hotels in the centre of town, the amazing location of Santorini really is just as amazing as it looks in the photos.


Paris, France

Paris, otherwise known as the city of love, is one that many couples will have on their list to visit. With so much to see and do as well as some of the world’s best restaurants and hotels, the city of love really is a location that you and your significant other will enjoy. With the Eiffel tower ranking fourth on the list of romantic locations to propose, this is an amazing location for those looking to get away for a trip of a lifetime, even if there is no proposal involved. If you are a fan of all thing’s history, there are also several places to visit such as the Notre-Dame, the Louvre and the Palace of Versailles to name just a few.


Prague, Czech Republic

Yet another historical location on this list is Prague in the Czech Republic. With so much to see and do and so much heritage, the beautiful city of Prague is great for a romantic getaway. Whether you are heading off on a cruise that has a stop here or looking to travel here anyway, this is a city that we are sure you and your loved one will enjoy visiting.


London, United Kingdom

The city of London is one of the more unusual on this list as the hustle and bustle of the London streets are far from relaxing at times. With, however, there are several hidden rooftops, amazing cafes and even some of the worlds best hotels that can make for a stay you will never forget. In addition to this, there are a number of the worlds most famous landmarks all in one place, allowing you to experience the very best of all the landmarks, regardless of the length of your trip.


Vienna, Austria

The final location on this list is Vienna in Austria. This capital city is one that truly must be seen to be believed. With a rich history as well as some of the world’s most historic locations you will certainly not be disappointed. In addition to this, the countries bustling tourism industry allows for some of the most amazing hotels nestled in some of the most picturesque locations that the country has to offer.


With this in mind, there are so many amazing locations that you can look to visit with your significant other, all of which are sure to make for a romantic trip you will never forget.