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Top 11 Common Relationship Problems

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Top 11 Common Relationship Problems

1) Lack of communication

So many couples do not place priority on regularly connecting with their partner. Life, children, work and routine takes over and communication lessens. Make regular time to check in with each other and ask important questions like:Are we happy? Are we satisfied with each other? Are there any issues we need to resolve?

2) Lack of self awareness

Problems and issues that are not acknowledged can’t be dealt with or resolved. If one or both partners don’t understand themselves well, they may believe they are never in the wrong and this will lead to anger and a breakdown of the relationship.

3) Unmet needs

When needs are unmet, people become restless. When they feel that their partner doesn’t hear them and won’t make changes, a feeling of hopelessness can set in. Needs relating to affection, quality time, emotional support and validation are basic human needs that, if overlooked, will lead to disgruntlement.

4) Boredom

Stop making an effort in your relationship and you run the risk of monotony and boredom. Plan surprises, do things that show you are considerate.

5) Feeling misunderstood

When you feel the connection is lost between you and your partner, life can seem quite lonely. Ideally, your partner should be someone who knows you very well, at least much better than most other people.

6) Growing apart

Lack of effort and decreased communication can lead to couples growing apart. Make sure to spend quality time together and ensure that communication is valuable – as in, don’t only talk about the weather and the superficial stuff.

7) Temptation

Temptation is a part of life but it’s what you do with feeling tempted that makes all the difference. If you do feel tempted regularly and want to act on it, ask yourself why – is something lacking in your relationship?

8) Resentment

Unmet needs can lead to resentment. Feeling neglected and unloved can lead to feelings of hostility. When resentment appears it is only a matter of time before the love will be lost. Talk about what brings about resentment without blame – rather look for resolutions.

9) Financial issues

Money regularly causes trouble in relationships. Open transparent dealing related to money can save a lot of heartache. Be responsible and be honest.

10) Lack of physical chemistry

When the physical chemistry goes , many relationships falter. Some relationships can carry on regardless but for the majority, if one partner isn’t getting enough, it can lead to problems.

11) Dishonesty

Trust goes hand in hand with honesty. Lying is never a good way forward in a relationship. If you are lying, figure out why and communicate with your partner. Are you afraid to tell your partner the truth? Why? Speak to them and let them know how you feel. If you can’t be honest and be yourself, you will end up unhappy.

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