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Top 10 Real-Life Ways to Access Higher Guidance

“Our ikigai is different for all of us, but one thing we have in common is that we are all searching for meaning.” – Hector Garcia, Ikigai. 

All of us have experienced joy and satisfaction on the journey of spiritual ascension. In those moments we connect to our higher self. The simplest approach to get true inner advice is to learn the language of your Higher Self. Your “Higher Self” is the true essence of who you are, that exists beyond the physical body. The ‘you’ that is limitless and eternal is your Higher Self. Intuition serves as your compass, inspiration serves as your source of excitement, and insight serves as your teacher. It is your Higher Self’s mission to know all of your intents, desires, and secrets.

What is Higher Guidance?

You know every detail of your life. Your spiritual self may be able to help you, but chances are you’ve just had a brief chat with it. If you encourage your instinct and imagination to flow freely, they might become a bigger part of your daily life. When it comes to interacting with your Higher Self, the paradox is that you are already linked to it. Actually, there’s more to it than just a relationship. It’s a sense of oneness. In our physical state, we feel a sense of separation from the rest of the universe. Whereas, you can’t separate your physical self from your spiritual self.

Top 10 Real Life ways to Access Higher Guidance

A calm and still mental state known as “higher consciousness” is often referred to as “difficult to attain.” Spiritual gurus, sages, and monks all use the word, but it’s difficult to pin down because of the way our brains are structured around our primal desires. One definition of spiritual enlightenment is that it is able to go above animal instincts, i.e. the basic consciousness of the mind.


In fact, to survive, we spend a significant portion of our life in a state of lower consciousness, where we pay greater attention to the things around us. It’s just a part of modern life. Furthermore, we generally believe that higher consciousness is an esoteric or religious term rather than a scientific one. To put it mildly, it might be described as an attempt to demystify beliefs prevalent in old mystical texts like the Indian Vedas. Human behavior isn’t all good or all bad. In fact, the name “human being” carries with it a hint of divinity. Being a Human portrays the two-fold nature of our species. Human is who we are on the basic level i.e body and mind. Being points to the formless, timeless, unconditioned consciousness.  


There are four Ascension Attitudes approaches, which are based on the mind’s inherent tendency toward praise, appreciation, love, and compassion. These strategies are incredibly effective at drawing your mind inwards. By organically moving your mind inward, all chaotic ways of activity are overcome, and the mind returns to its original state of silence. The brain’s hemispheres achieve full coherence, and the body enters a state of slumber that is deeper than the typical eight hours of sleep. Rest allows the body to heal; as a result, the stress buried in the nervous system dissolves spontaneously – and peace dawns. There is no need to examine stress and self-sufficiency internal programming in order to be rid of them.


Ascension meditation, which is frequently seen as the ultimate objective of meditation, is the foundation of awareness and identity. Also known as Nirvana, it is the culminating step of an individual’s spiritual progress — an incredible condition of being in which you can fully feel unity with all creation and discover your actual spiritual essence. This is most frequently accomplished via ascension meditation.

Journal your Journey

Your higher self enjoys talking with you when you are sleeping – in your vivid dreams. The borders between realism and the spiritual world begin to melt during deep and uninterrupted sleep – given that REM sleep occurs while your brain is engaged but your body is completely relaxed. The majority of lucid dreams that you remember once awake are messages from Higher Guidance shared during tranquil slumber. This enables you to absorb messages without challenging them and to process them upon awakening, providing you with much clarity in your life. Consider dream journaling immediately upon waking up and exploring the evocative visuals and symbols of your dreams in order to discern spiritual advice and lessons for you!

Heal Traumas

Post-traumatic ascension occurs as a result of trauma healing. Whenever we physically release accumulated painful energy from our bodies, we expand our capacity as human beings significantly. Increased right-brain skills such as wisdom, intuition, and divine purpose are activated. Dr. Beceli refers to this as trauma’s “holy gift.” It appears as though the experience of healing trauma is intended to serve as a rite of passage for the evolution of human capacity. You may also want to experiment with face-to-face therapy to heal your trauma. 

Positive Reinforcements

In the typical person’s awake state, the ego is entirely focused on the external environment. The exterior environment is made up of aspects such as work, money, achievement, family, friends, and social life.


One symptom of spiritual awakening is a radical shift in one’s perspective from the exterior world to the inner realm of thoughts, feelings, dreams, and imagination. This dimension is referred in Buddhism as the subtle realm, and it is believed to be more substantial than the vast dimension of our waking consciousness. You may start this journey with different ways to improve your mental health


Soul Awakening 

Spiritual epiphanies can be fast and dramatic, or lengthy and protracted. In Eastern Philosophy, short heart awakenings are frequently referred to as ‘Satori,’ which would be the feeling of seeing one’s real eternal nature. This sight of illumination is frequently brief and fleeting. Long-term spiritual awakenings, on the other hand, are perceived as a strengthening of contact with one’s Soul. This may entail regularly connecting with one’s soul purpose, spirit guides, or higher self in order to comprehend and understand oneself as eternal and limitless.

Connect with your Inner Child

The spirit of a child within you is known as the “inner child.” However, it has the ability to be both harmless and hurtful. Some of us have a wounded inner child that we don’t even know we have, and we carry it around with us for the rest of our lives.

People have different ways of dealing with their inner child, some of which are prompted by factors like a spiritual awakening. Healing your childhood wounds is a good thing, no matter why you wish to communicate with your inner self. 

Escaping Ignorance

When you keep yourself in the lower planes of consciousness by being ignorant you become an embodiment of lethargy, dullness, and entropy. The good news is realizing your spiritual self runs opposite to the flow of ignorance in your existence. It is one of the most powerful forces in the universe that is generated by the evolution of awareness itself.

Take Different Tests

One of the best ways to capture where you are in your spiritual journey is to take the free spiritual awakening test. This helps you identify where you are on the path of spiritual awakening right now by making this knowledge experiential. Doing so will assist you in gaining your senses, orienting yourself, and figuring out what you should do next. Keep in mind that there isn’t a better or worse step in the process. In this case, it’s not a contest. Aside from moving ahead and backward on the trail, which is common. You may as well try to get guidance from spiritual seers, like getting your Scorpio Tarot Card reading to know what plans the universe has for you. 

Visualize your Affirmations

With the use of visualization and manifestation, you may reshape your ideas and perceptions about the most essential person in your life: YOU! Using these, you may harness the power of your brain’s 18 billion cells and guide them in a single, focused direction. Forever, the work of your subconscious mind will alter your life. The procedure is undetectable and takes only a little time to complete. If you put in the time to envision and affirm, practice your techniques, be around good people, read uplifting books, and listen to audio programs that flood your thoughts with positive, life-affirming messages, it will come naturally with time and practice.

Let go of Resistance

When it comes to spiritual awakening, the length of time it takes to truly let go is a key factor. The ego-driven reality of your existence can be managed in the near term until you can generate a more aligned way of living. As a general rule, the practice should be short-lived and often unnecessary. Awakening is often used as a coping mechanism for ego-minds that have become depressed and believe they have no control over their lives. As a person who has awoken, you are aware that you have no power over anything in the world.

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