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Mandy Kloppers

Today Matters

Happiness (Photo credit: Rickydavid)

Today Matters

We tend to live  in the future because that is where our hopes and dreams lie. How many times have you said to yourself, “I’ll be happy when I have enough money in the bank” or”I’ll be happy when I have found a partner to share my life with” ? The future is where it’s all going to happen. Where I will be rich, famous, beautiful, in love, in a great job, surrounded by friends and so on…Living in the future can make the present more bearable. The trick though, is to look for what is good in your life right at this moment. The future isn’t here yet and in all probability, you will just be looking for more “When I have’s” which takes the joy and fulfilment out of now.

Being happy in the moment is key to contentment and getting the most out of life. Having dreams and goals is great but the real power lies in the present moment. Enjoy who you are right here, right now – enjoy being alive and being able to interact with others. Make a difference to your surroundings right now. Living in the moment does not mean shirking all your responsibilities, it does mean taking a moment every now and then to stop and appreciate life. Listen to your breathing, the birds singing, the wind, the sun on your skin, the wrinkles in a loved one’s face, a smile from a stranger…life is happening to you right now but so often we are living in an imagined other place…

Today matters. Being as present as possible in the moment means you will gain the greatest satisfaction from your life – a life well lived. Research has shown that those who live their lives on Social media (tweeting, using instagram etc) remember less of past experiences when distracted by facebook and tweeting their experiences than those who are fully present and focused. Be fully present and focused in your life. Psychologist, Daniel Gilbert talks about the fact that what we think will make us happy often isn’t what happens when we get it. Happiness really is in the moment – that fleeting feeling of contentment.

If you did end up fitter, slimmer, richer, in love and so on, you would probably just find something else to wish for in the future.This is the nature of human beings. It’s okay to plan and dream but never forget to enjoy the present moment. Today matters more than any other moment.

Don’t go thinking it’s all okay for me either – I’d like to be slimmer, richer, fitter etc but I make a regular effort to look around and what is really good in my life right now. The life I have now is real and tangible. Dreams are good but reality and today is where the power lies. Where it’s at!

Mandy X