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Tips to reduce anxiety

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Tips to reduce anxiety

Assume you are good enough – always

Whether it’s a first date or a job interview, always assume you are good enough. Speak to yourself positively always. You owe it to yourself as no one else will do it for you as well as you can. Get into the habit of liking yourself and seeing yourself as a wonderful ‘package’ that anyone would be lucky to have in their life (or their company).

Be more active

Even 10 minutes if walking per day will make a difference.

Take life less seriously – laugh more

Sometimes we worry so much about things that may never happen and get ourselves into an anxious state. Smile and laugh more. Life isn’t always as bad as we anticipate. In fact, our anticipation of events is often worse than the event itself. Don’t listen to your thoughts – they are only thoughts NOT facts and you can dismiss them anytime you want to.

Know the difference between what you can and can’t control

There’s absolutely no point in worrying and fussing over things you can’t control. Learn to let go and focus your attention where it matters – on the things you can control. Namely – you and your reactions to life.

Do at least one unwanted task daily

Unwanted ‘life admin’ is a fact of life for all of us. Calling that utility company and waiting 30 minutes to speak to a person, housework, phoning someone you don’t want to speak to or an admin task you’ve been putting off. When we don’t attend to life admin, it sits in the back of our minds and bothers us – clear the decks regularly and chip away at the tasks that need doing. One small step at a time does it.

Be kind to others

Smile at problems and send them warm loving energy. Seriously – be kind and ooze love. It will make you feel good too. When you smile it makes it harder to feel negative emotions. Give back to the world and help others. It’s a great feeling and reduced bitterness and anger.

Don’t over do it

Aim for a balanced life where you get enough sleep. There are no rewards for the martyrs in life who don’t look after themselves and slave away for hours in the office. Put yourself first and take care of yourself.

Limit time with toxic people

Toxic people drag you down. Limit your time with these types of people and instead seek out people who inspire you and make you feel ready to take on the world.

Express gratitude

When we focus on the good stuff in our lives, we programme our brains to be more positive and we use different neural pathways in our brains when we think positively.

Don’t dwell on the past

The past can’t be changed. Learn from it and move on. Live more in the present moment – that’s where your ‘power’ lies – your point of action is the present moment only.

Stop and think before reacting

Before responding, especially in a highly emotional situation, stop and think. Allow yourself a little time to think before reacting. Much better to react slower and not regret bad behaviour.

Care less about what others think

Release those shackles of social pressure – worrying about others is needless. Learn to act regardless of what others think. This is a tough one as we all care about how others perceive us but when it limits what we do, it’s never a good thing. Learn to be true to you and care less about others think.

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