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Tips to Help You Feel Like Yourself During Postpartum

When the family introduces a new family member into the picture, it’s a special time for everyone involved. In addition to making room for the new baby, most new parents feel the range of emotions: anxiety, joy, and excitement. 

However, the most resounding feeling is exhaustion. New moms tend to feel the sting of exhaustion the most. After all, your body was the baby’s home for the past forty weeks. Plus, babies don’t have normal sleeping schedules for a while. This can lead a mother to feel like a zombie took over her brain and body. If you’d like to feel more like yourself during the postpartum period, consider the following tips.


1. Take a Nap!

It might sound extremely trivial, but most new mothers would do anything for a solid night of uninterrupted sleep. To take it a step further, many new mothers would love a great nap. Talk to one of your friends or a family member. Consider asking them if they’d be willing to watch the baby while you took a nap for two hours. Sometimes, that two-hour nap can make the difference.


2. Eat Nutrient-Rich Foods

When you have a luxury car, you’re only allowed to put a specific grade of gasoline in it. This allows the car to run smoothly and efficiently. Plus, it’ll allow the car to last a longer period of time. The same concept applies to your body. 

If you put the most nutrient-rich foods into your body, you’ll be able to sustain your health for a longer period of time. Instead of snacking on unhealthy foods like chips and cookies for the entire day, look for ways to incorporate foods that will empower your body to be alert and awake. 

Fruits, vegetables, grains and healthy fats will do wonders for your body. Whether you opt to make a fruit smoothie for breakfast or avocado toast with a fried egg, find ways to turn your meals into empowering blasts of energy.


3. Exercise

Your workout routine doesn’t have to equate to visiting the gym for two hours. After all, you don’t have that type of time when you have a new baby. Once you get clearance from your physician, go for walks outside. When you wake up in the morning, do a few stretches to loosen your limbs. Find a great exercise routine on a YouTube channel. Releasing those endorphins will boost your mood as well.


4. Shift Your Wardrobe

When you look good, you’ll feel good. Knowing this, it’s a great idea to wear clothes that make you feel chic and cute. Whether it’s a monochromatic top and leggings or a lovely sundress, find outfits that are easy to throw on without too much fuss. It’s also great to wear clothes for the body you currently have. You might have to look into plus-size clothing options, and that’s okay! Don’t wait until you drop twenty pounds before you decide to get new clothes. Feel good now.


5. Change Your Hairstyle

If you see gray hairs peeking through that make you feel bad, it’s okay to dye them. If you aren’t in love with the haircut you have, consider booking an appointment with your favorite hairdresser. A simple haircut can do wonders. If you’re looking to change your hairstyle on a regular basis, consider finding a really great lace front wig. Thanks to the wonders of wig technology, no one will ever know it’s not your real hair.


6. Have Something to Look Forward to Daily

Find ways to do something you enjoy every single day. While taking care of your baby is a fulfilling experience, it can also become a bit depleting. Find different activities that will encourage and excite you as the days pass. 

There might be a favorite television show that you love to watch as you enjoy a bowl of popcorn. On another day, you might be looking forward to packages that come from your favorite retailer. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that will pull you through like arranging a bouquet of flowers you picked up at the grocery store.


Always remember to give yourself grace. If you’re feeling serious bouts of sadness or depression, you’re not losing it. Chances are you’re experiencing postpartum depression. Speak with your healthcare providers to discover some solutions. Know that the postpartum period won’t last forever. However, in the meantime, consider these tips in order to feel as good as you possibly can. You deserve it!

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