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Mandy Kloppers

Tips to Have Fun with Your Partner While Social Distancing 

With most couples staying at home due to the lockdown, most are out of activities to engage in. Given that no one had anticipated the stay at home, the period can quickly get boring. Once you are bored, you are likely to notice most of your partner’s flaws, leading to resentment. For that, the family unit is at an all-time strain. Well, you don’t have to let this period spell doom to your relationship.  

Here are some of the top tips to have fun with your partner at home;  

Revive Old Hobbies  

Almost have those hobbies they used to partake before the work, and marriage life changed everything. In most cases, it’s all about lacking the time. With the lockdown and most activities stalling, you have all the time to revive your hobbies. Whether you were an avid writer, singer, or any other hobby, here is the time to let your partner see that part of you.  

Give time for both partners to revive their hobbies and learn from each other. Other than the knowledge, you get to grow closer. 

Venture Outdoors 

While social distancing means as little interactions with people as possible, you are not forbidden from going outdoors. Make a habit of taking evening or morning walks with your partner. It helps kill boredom and familiarity of staying indoors. Venturing outdoors allows you access to fresh air as well as Vitamin D from the sun. 

Get Creative on Finding Games 

Games are one of the things that will help you pass the time at home. Even though most people tend to have few games knowledge, it is time to get creative. Look for fun ways of going at each other. Whether you are buying a deck of card, doing the numbers, or the scrabble, you are spending quality time. Other than entertainment, gaming also refreshes the mind. Consider contacting counselling services Australiaif you run out of games. 

Netflix and Chill 

Even though watching movies is one of the most popular pastimes, most couples never get time for it. Now that you have all the time in the world spend it chilling with your partner. The movie streaming services allows you access to unlimited movie selection. Choose a genre that both of you love and spend the time like the good old days.  

Learn a Craft Together  

One of the best ways to spend this free period is by learning a new craft. Even better, learn the art with your partner. Learning with your partner is like having an accountability mate. While discovering, you get to research together, consult one another, and even take practical together. You end up bonding more than ever.  

Revive the Romance 

Do you remember those lovey-dovey gestures you were a master of before relegating all the time to other things? Here is the time to revive them. Normalize writing to each other notes, reading for one another, and other romantic gestures.  

Bottom Line  

Fun for couples over an extended period is quite challenging. You can quickly run out of ideas, now that you are used to having different routines. Using these ideas allows you to take the time with your partner the most enjoyable.  

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash