Emotional Wellbeing

Mandy Kloppers

Tips for taking a leap of faith

Taking a leap of faith takes courages. It involves trusting something outside yourself and making yourself vulnerable to forces outside of your control It involves taking a risk and that is nerve wracking for most of us.

Taking a leap of faith might consist of moving to another country, leaving that dull unfulfilling to job to grow strawberries in the country or it could mean that you dive into a new relationship and open yourself up again to possible hurt.

I have recently taken a leap if faith by really letting someone in again and learning to trust them. It is scary but I have learned along the way that leaps of faith can hasten good things in your life. Here are some words of wisdom from clients and my own life experience that I have learned along the way:

Trust yourself

Listen to that inner voice. It is wise and can often steer us in the right direction, if only we would listen. Our inner voice guides us towards what would naturally make us happy. Stop listening to what tohers tell you that you should want.

Look after yourself

Being out of your comfort zone can take it’s toll on our health so be sure to pamper yourself regularly. Take naps if need be, get enough sleep and treat yourself well. Productive rest is essential. Resist the urge to constantly be busy – society pressures us into achieving but you must resist this and put yourself first. If you feel guilt you are on the right track. Look after yourself enough and the guilt will reduce.

Be excited

Replace fear of the unkown woth a feeling of excitement about all the possibilities that lie ahead. Congratulate yourself for living life and taking chances – that’s what life is all about. Don’t always play it safe – make the most of your life, be adventurous. Life can be thrilling and fun.

Seek out like minded people

Surround yourself with people wh think the same way you do. There are many of them out there – people who won’t settle for a dull monotonous life and who aren’t afraid to try out new things.

Don’t compare

We are all on our own paths. Yours is just as valid as the next person’s. Comparing your progress to others is a big mistake as we tend to compare ourselves negatively and allow our insecurities and self doubt ro rule.  As long as you feel you are making progress and growing as a person – you are doing just fine.

Congratulate yourself for past successes

Focus on what is good and what you have managed to overcome in the past. Remind yourself of your strengths regularly. You are more resilient and resourceful than you give yourself credit for.

Never allow fear to rule your life. The more we avoid, the more the fear will remain. Push yourself out of your comfort zone regularly – this teaches you that you can cope, even if life doesn’t quite go according to plan!

Mandy X