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Mandy Kloppers

Tips for being successful at work

There are the obvious tips for being successful at work, like being on time, being enthusiastic and working hard. I have studied people who are successful at work and have found that many of them have similar characteristics:

Self belief

One of top characteristics for being successful at work is possessing self belief. People who have self belief are more willing to risk their reputations and speak out. They are also more likely to persevere when the going gets tough. If someone opposes their ideas, it urges them to push forward even more.

Don’t be afraid of conflict

If you want to get ahead, you can’t be a constant people pleaser. People who are successful at work aren’t afraid to rub people up the wrong way, especially if it is line with their values and goals. Most people avoid confrontation but those that are successful accept that conflict is going to occur. This doesn’t mean they go out looking for arguments but they have no problem with sticking up for themselves. They also don’t worry if there are haters. You can’t please everyone all the time.

Take risks

Sometimes you’ve just got to take risks. Life would be pretty boring if we always played it safe. Do a risk assessment by all means but then go for it. Don’t overthink things – this can lead to “analysis paralysis”. Ask for that raise you feel you deserve, apply for the job that you aren’t quite sure you’re fully qualified for…get things done.

Network with those ‘above’ you

Don’t avoid the people above you in the corporate hierarchy. Get comfy chatting to these people and showing them how competent you are. It’s often not what you kow but who you know that can help at work.

See failure as a lesson

Never be afraid of failure. When we listen to the “what if” thinking, we tend to do nothing and avoid any threatening situations. This is because you think of failure as a bad humilating event. When you see failure as a necessary part of life, separate the failure as an action and don’t see yourself as a failure and learn the lesson – failure can become your friend.

Life isn’t linear, many people who are successful also have a string of failures in their pasts. Keep moving forward, keep believing in yourself and think outside the box. We can all be successful when we find work that matches our strengths and talents.

Mandy X

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