Mandy Kloppers

Three ways you can Uplift your Living Room

Home should be your safe place, a place to relax and unwind from the pressures of the world. Not only is a happy home good for your mental health, it can improve motivation and provide inspiration. A living room is usually the central point of any house, hence why also important. Living rooms are used to relax, spend time with family, hangouts with friends or casual parties. The theme and aesthetic of the room easily defines the taste of the owner. Living rooms are a reflection of personal taste and choice. It is a private haven, that is mostly used to unwind after a long and tiring day, which makes its décor a reflection of your personality. The décor should be you; your style and your choices.  

Redecorating or uplifting the interior of living can be easy. It does not necessarily have to cost a large amount of funds or need expensive fixtures etc. to look the way you want it to be. Personalising a living room should be more important to make it an inviting and happy place for you and your family.  

Here are three ways you can uplift your living room:  

Focus on the Fixtures 

 An easy way to change the look of a living room with minimum effort is to update or replace the fixtures of the room. A change in windows, doors and lights can make a vast difference to the overall look of the room, especially if the room has been decorated in a minimal or modern style. Changing the paint and trimmings of windows is an excellent way to uplift the room décor subtly. You can also have the doors changed to better and modern types such as the internal glazed doors, that allow the room to feel cosier and add character to it. Similarly changing light fixtures can immediately change the overall vibe of the room.  

Splash some Colours 

Colours are fun and incorporating colour into your living room can instantly give it a whole new personality. Being creative with colour can be more comfortable than most other ideas since it allows you rein to change whatever you would like. You could opt for a colourful couch, rugs or even go for a bright coloured wallpaper. A popular way to infuse colour is to choose patterned wallpapers, which understated backdrop colours but colourful prints.  

 Another easier approach is to add colourful artwork to your living room. Choose a series of paintings to add colour to otherwise dull walls.  

Make it comfortable 

 Uplifting a living room while simultaneously making it more comfortable is also easy. Just focus on adding pillows and throws to your living room. You can also go for colourful pillows and throws, that would make your living room fun and comfortable. Pillows and cushions are an excellent way to add texture to your living room and give it an updated look while adding depth. The trick is to add different sized and shape pillows because similarly shaped pillows can look simple and drab. You can also choose pillows with regards to the seasons, changing the look of the room along with seasons.  

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash