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Three Steps to a Better You

There are always things about ourselves and our lifestyles that we’d like to improve, yet sometimes no matter how hard we try, our ideal life seems to be out of reach. This could be because we are not sure what we need, or that our problems are too big to fix easily. However, there are always ways we can change and improve our situation, our habits and our outlook on life. If you feel like you are currently stuck in a rut, or you need to change and adapt aspects of your life in order to feel happier or healthier, this guide shows you how. 

1. Challenge Yourself 

While some of us might be content to stick with day-to-day routines, you might find that if you don’t challenge yourself, then your life begins to stagnate. Why not better yourself by learning something new? It might be that you take cookery lessons, try a new sport or hobby, or perhaps you’d like to study further. Setting yourself goals and learning as you achieve them changes your perspective of who you are. You gain more confidence and get opportunities that would not have come your way otherwise. 

2. Seek Help 

Sometimes there are specific problems that we just can’t manage on our own, and to become a better you, it is essential to seek help. It could be contacting professionals such as Forward Recovery for drug and alcohol issues, seeing a counselor to find out why you always have bad relationships or getting help for an eating disorder. When faced with difficult challenges, you need support to get you to the other side so you can enjoy life again. Even if you think that your problems are not as bad as someone with ‘real problems,’ if there is something that is affecting your joy in life, get help. 

3. Take Action 

It’s all very positive to want to be a better version of yourself. You might have even looked for tips on the internet and ended up on this page. But unless you take the necessary actions to achieve it, you will just continue wishing you could have that better life that always seems to be out of reach. Set yourself one or two short term goals that will help you achieve your bigger goals, and work out what strategies you need to implement to get there. For example, you might want a promotion at work, so one approach could be to take on a little more responsibility and get the approval of your boss. When you work out what you need to do, it motivates you and makes achieving your goals seem more possible. 

While we all want to be better in some ways, it is important to value yourself just as you are now. You have some amazing qualities already, so don’t feel like you are lacking if you are not living your dream lifestyle. Be grateful for what you have, set positive goals and take action to achieve them, and you will enjoy your life’s journey. 

Mandy X

Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash

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