Mental Health

Mandy Kloppers

Thoughts on mental health

My mental health varies. Some days I feel very mentally healthy and other days, less so. This is pretty normal and most of us have good days and bad days. Mentally healthy people have ups and downs. It’s only when an issue persists (usually for 3-6 months) that it can possibly be deemed mental illness or warrant a possible diagnosis.

I am wary of labels and diagnoses but they can help to structure a treatment programme for someone struggling with their mental health.

Hell, I get days where I feel seriously mentally ill. I feel tearful at times, I feel overwhelmed and I don’t want to leave my bed. Again, this is normal. I decided to write this post to add some perspective on what is and isn’t normal when it comes to mental health.

Of course, as with anything, there are exceptions to the rule. A brief psychotic episode can have a sudden onset (Psychosis involves delusions and/or hallucinations.) but in general, you are still mentally healthy even if you feel you can’t keep your shit together on some days…welcome to this thing called “life”!

Mandy X


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