Emotional Wellbeing

Mandy Kloppers

Thoughts on happiness

I recently had a reader of my blog ask me what the secret to happiness is. I replied to him and decided to share my response with you too…
There are many things that come together to promote happiness and it’s impossible to simplify it to one thing but I suppose the source of our happiness
Doesn’t come from what happens to us necessarily, rather it comes from the way we think about what happens to us.
So if we become effective thought managers and make an effort not to catastrophize, personalise, assume we know what others are thinking, compare ourselves negatively to others and focus on negatives rather than keeping balanced thinking between good and bad, we can increase our levels of happiness.
Adopting an attitude of gratitude helps too as we tend to focus on what isn’t right more often than the good things.
It takes practise though as we all have intrusive, fearful thoughts but when we learn that thoughts aren’t facts and learn to ignore them more often in favour of more balanced thinking, we set ourselves on the best possible path for happiness.
Mandy X
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