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Thoughts about Christmas


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Thoughts about Christmas


Call me a “party pooper” but Christmas isn’t my favourite time of year. It all feels so forced. The television is jam-packed with movies and adverts showing people have a wonderful time, smiles aplenty – all looking perfect. Now, there’s nothing wrong with happiness and certainly nothing wrong with connecting with others and appreciating friends and family but why do we need a special occasion to do it? I was at the post office yesterday and the queue was out the door. All of us, doing as expected – sending off cards and presents. I see the silly side of it all with a strange detachment. I also see how manufactured Christmas has become in many ways. I am not the first and will surely not be the last to notice that the spirit of Christmas has gotten lost along the way.

Now, it’s all about the latest gifts and over indulging at the office Christmas do. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Christmas also forced upon us the idea of doing good things for others (not just family and friends) and helping to make the world a better place? Christmas seems more commercialised than ever and it is also a time that highlights loneliness for many. With all this pressure to be cheerful and merry and be with family, it can remind many of what they feel is lacking in their lives – be it a home, friends or family. In fact, during the Christmas period many charitable helplines receive an increase in the volume of calls from those that feel displaced, lonely and discarded.

Christmas is a good time to celebrate but I can’t help but see through the veneer and never forget that Christmas is a temporary fix that splits society apart. It feels inclusionary. Let’s take all the goodwill that Christmas represents and spread it throughout the year to friends, family and strangers alike. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had to take in one stranger for Christmas? I would feel so much more welcoming of Christmas if it was also about the greater good rather than being so focused on self indulgence.

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