Mandy Kloppers

Think Differently


Ever feel that you’re a misfit or that you don’t fit in somehow? If this happens to you – embrace it! Instead of resisting it and trying to fit the ‘mould’, accept the ways in which you are different and think differently too. Celebrate the fact that you are an independent thinker, that you don’t like monotony, authority or rules (or whatever else is different about you).

Accept your differences

I’m not saying that you should disregard the law but there are times when society places pressure on us to conform.
In my early twenties, I hated the idea of studying so that I could go get a nice 9-5 desk job. I used to get mad at myself and wish I was more like my some of my friends at school who seemed ready for that kind of future.
Now, I realize that if I had accepted that I was just not the kind of person who could do a 9-5 desk job, I might have found a career I loved much quicker than if I had tried to force myself to go along with the majority. I wanted to be accepted and did what was expected of me rather than choosing to be true to myself.

You don’t have to conform

When you feel resistance to conform, ask yourself why. There may be a valid reason and your inner wisdom may be trying to tell you something. So what if you’re the only one out of 100 people that wants to trim hedges or perhaps you’ll find you have an idea for a business and everyone tells you that you’re crazy to go ahead with it?

Two things: believe in yourself and be true to yourself and you’ll go far

Mandy x


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