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Mandy Kloppers

Think big

Think Big
Think Big


Along with thinking big comes a large amount of self belief. So, how do you get it? Being able to drown out the noise of others and stick to your guns is the first step. Others, unfortunately, can be great triggers for self doubt. They will question what you want to do, they will question your ideas and if you don’t have the self belief you might give in to that self doubt.

Self belief is crucial in getting ahead. Be your number one fan and love your ideas, live your ideas and don’t allow anyone to sway you from your course. You may not always be right, but it is the people with self conviction that end up finding a way. Too many of us are prepared to give up. We worry about failure and the subsequent embarrassment we may face. Especially here in the UK, there are many critical cynics saying “it can’t be done”, they tut from the sidelines are almost rejoice when things don’t go well for someone else.

You see – when you think big and you make things happen, you remind others that they aren’t doing the same. That uncomfortable self realisation hits home that they are just plodding. Deep down, the ‘nay-sayers’ probably admire the gutsy people, although they would never admit it.

Do you play safe with your own life? Do you stop yourself from thinking big? Faith in yourself can move mountains. Believing in yourself is half the battle. It also puts you ahead of 70% of the world population.

Do you know what you are really capable of? have you ever pushed yourself far enough to know your limits? There are so many people with untapped potential – all because they are too afraid to think big.

So, ask yourself – what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?? Write it down. Then think about ways to start getting it – small step every day that can take you towards your goal. Don’t let the thought of failure stop you. The idea of failure and the impossible is only an opinion.

Mandy X