Mandy Kloppers

Think big

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Think big

It’s important to think big because you often get what you expect in life. This may not always work in terms of expecting fame and a ferrari and getting it but it definitely works in reverse. If you have low expectations, you will almost certainly live a life of disappointment and low achievement. That’s fine if you are happy with that, but many aren’t.

I remember driving through a wealthy suburban area a few years back with a friend. As we drove around looking at the mansions, my friend said “Wow, it really is fantasy. I could never have this. This is another world”. I couldn’t help but think he was severely limiting himself by not thinking big. Why not aspire to have success, wealth, popularity etc. You may not always get what you want, but you most certainly will never get it if you set your sights very low.

Expect good things in your life and try to find ways to achieve them. Often fear prevents us from trying and we remain avoidant. For me, failure is allowing fear to win. When I embrace and overcome fear, that in itself feels exhilarating even if I fail in my attempts.

So think big and get out there and be brave. Go after what you want and don’t fear failure. Fear avoidance and settling for less than you deserve, or less than you are capable of achieving.

Mandy X