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Things to appreciate for a richer life

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Things to appreciate for a richer life

1) The Sun Shining

Even if you live somewhere where the sun shines regularly, appreciate that warmth and the fact that your body is making vitamin D. Sunshine is good for the body and the mind.

2) Birdsong

Birdsong reminds me that all the frenetic activity goes on, and the birds still sing at the beginning and end of it all. It’s a reminder to slow down, to listen to nature and not take life too seriously.

3) A kind deed from a stranger

When someone smiles or lets you in the traffic during rush hour, take time t appreciate this small kindness.

4) Animals/Pets

There’s no game playing with animals, they love you unconditionally. Treat them well.

5) Yourself

Instead of being hard on yourself and focusing on your perceived negative bits, think about how clever your body is – it works when you need it to. Gets you to places, helps you communicate and express yourself and allows you to feel and experience life. I used to dislike my body because I have Cystic Fibrosis but then I reframed this by thinking how well my body has coped with all the extra challenges it has had compared to a ‘healthy’ body. It’s all about perception.

Say it to yourself often “I love my clever little body, I love who I am”.

6) Music

A powerful way to boost your mood. Use it to your advantage

7) Genuine people in your life

Look after those people in your life that are always there for you, care for you and check in on you. They are a special gift to be cherished.

8) Fleeting Happiness

Happiness isn’t a state that remains endlessly. It appears in spurts…a sudden realisation that life is good at a certain moment. I get it sometimes when sharing a silly joke with my son or playing rough-and-tumble with Socks, my Yorkshire Terrier..although the image of chucking pairs of socks around a room for entertainment does make me smile – wacky!

Slow down, remind yourself of the little things in life that we often miss in our quest to complete our daily “to-do” lists. Life will be richer for it.

Mandy X



Photo by country_boy_shane

Photo by country_boy_shane