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Mandy Kloppers

These Household Jobs only need to be Done Once a Year

If you want to give your house a good deep clean then you will know what a big job this can be. After all, there are so many things to do and such little time to do them in. One way for you to help yourself would be for you to break down all the tasks you need to do, as the ones that are listed below only need to be done once per year.

Wipe down your Garden Furniture

You really don’t need to clean your garden furniture once a week, or even once every six months. It’s outside and the rain will usually wash any dust away over time. If you are having company over, sure, you might want to clean it up from time to time but ultimately, it’s a job that only needs doing once a year. If you aren’t sure how to get the best result out of your clean, then get out the vacuum and suck up any surface dust. When you have done this, a hot bowl of soapy water and an old rag will finish the job. While you’re outside, it may be worth hiring a service to come and clean your gutters for you. PorterVac are always a great choice for that.household jobs

Source: Pexels (CC0 License)

Wipe your Light Bulbs

Some light bulbs won’t even last the year. You do however need to remember that this all comes down to how often you use them and whether or not you replace them on a regular basis. If you have long-lasting lightbulbs however then you may find that grime and dust builds up over time. They may get sticky as well, and this will block out a significant amount of light. Some polish and a rag will remove all of this without any issues at all.

Sweep your Chimney

Your fireplace will get really dusty over time, not to mention that creosote will build up as well. This can pose as a health hazard and a fire hazard, so you have to make sure that you give it a good clean once a year and that you also hire a chimney sweep as well. If you do this, then your home will feel much cleaner and you may even find that you significantly reduce the chances of having a house fire.

Remove Dryer Lint

A lot of fires happen as a result of dryers. If you get lint in the trap, the area around the dryer or even in the vent then this will easily lead to combustion. Cleaning out the lint trap is very easy to do and if you do it after every year then you will be able to reduce the chances of a fire. If you are not sure how to clean out the dryer then pull it away from the wall and uncouple the connector.  Use a brush to clean out the dryer vent and work it clean. When you have done this, you then need to attach a cordless drill so that you can spin the vent. This will really make it easy for you to get the best result out of your clean.


Photo by Roman Bozhko on Unsplash